YPDC UOL Chapter attends International Peace Day Conference

UOL students exhibit amazing theatrical performance

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National Dialogue Forum (NDF) organized the International Peace Day Conference in Pakistan on September 21, 2020 at the National Council of Arts Islamabad. The session aimed at highlighting the importance of peace and tolerance among the society and motivated the youth to actively participate in matters of the society, encouraging inclusiveness and harmony. 

The event that was hosted by Varda Rasheed (Program Manager of NDF), attracted more than 300 participants mainly from youth organizations. It was commenced with the national anthem, followed by opening remarks by Mr. Ahmed Sultan Butt (Director of NDF). He appreciated the efforts of student volunteers for their passion in managing the activities of the conference.

Mr. Qasim Khan Suri (Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly), Mr. Syed Zulfikar Bukhari (Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Overseas Pakistanis & HRD, Chairman NTCB & Pakistan Tourism Board) and Mr. Prof. Ahsan Iqbal (Member of the National Assembly) were the chief guests of the event. The forum consisted of a panel discussion on ‘Inclusivity’ followed by four presentations, a theatrical performance by students of University of Lahore, and a musical performance by Khumariyaan band.

While addressing the audience, Mr. Qasim Suri emphasized the importance of peace and elaborated how people can hold it. He also underlined the significance of dialogue in promoting peace and harmony in the region. 

Mr. Ahsan Iqbal shared his personal struggles in the way of promoting peace and Mr. Bukhari during the closing ceremony said, “Our industries, health and tourism sectors remained stable during the pandemic”. He also congratulated the Prime Minister Mr. Imran Khan for his brilliant and insightful leadership.

Mr. Kapil Dev (Human Rights Activist), Ms. Mary James Gill (Lawyer, former MPA), Mr. Ramesh Singh Arora (MPA), Dr. Fouzia Saeed (DG, PNCA), Mr. Farhan Bogra (Rubab Player, Khumaariyan) during the panel discussion titled as ‘Hum Sub Ka Pakistan’, stressed on  inclusiveness, harmony and intolerance in the society.

Mr. Asmat Durrani (BUITEMS, Quetta), Ms. Arooba Ali (Kinnaird College, Lahore), Mr. Shahab Ud Din (IMSciences, Peshawar) and Shahzeb Pathan (The University of Sindh, Hyderabad) delivered four presentations that were highlighting the tasks of promoting peace in their respective provinces specifically during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The students of YPDC together with those of the UOL’s Dramatics Club presented a theatrical performance that started with a powerful narration by Rabia Chawdhary (President of YPDC UOL Chapter) focusing on the power of freedom of speech and how the corrupt mafias suffocate it. 

During the closing ceremony, Khumariyaan Band lit the stage with their soulful music that brought the audiences together followed by Hi-Tea.

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