US Based Firm to Offer Internship Opportunities to the Students

Career Services and Corporate Linkages (CSCL) organized a two-day Ontrak Training Program on October 17-18, 2019, aimed to equip students with the latest market technical expertise in their placement. Ontrak is a global firm with its base office in the US that was established in the year 2010 and its core purpose is to provide services geared towards putting its clients on a successful career track.
This firm successfully ran and completed Module-I of three courses namely Cloud Computing, Deep Learning and IOTs in August-September, 2019. Now Batch-1 of Module-2 of the same courses and Batch-2 of Module-1 are being offered in December 2019. To ensure these enrollments, the CSCL arranged awareness seminars for the students of Computer Science and Software Engineering departments separately.
In these seminars, the Ontrak team gave a presentation about their organization, the training program and its importance in regard to the market placements. The participants were also informed that at the completion of every module, Ontrak certification will be provided. “Ontrak certificate is instrumental in securing jobs in the international market,” one Ontrak team member said adding that the firm will also link the top performers in the first 3 modules to the US based companies for internship placements.
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