UOL Relief Trust provides medical assistance to over 1200 in Tatu Village

Waqar Azeem

Over a decade, the UOL Relief Trust has been carrying out relief efforts in various communities for the welfare of the society to bring social and cultural change in the lives of needy people.  It provides several services including provision of shelter, food, education and proper medical care to people in dire needs.

In this regard, the UOL Relief Trust under the supervision of Mr. Nasir Mahmood (COO, Engineering Projects), Mrs. Farah Mahmood (Director, UOL Relief Trust) and Mr. Waqar Azeem (Project Officer) set up the first ever medical camp at Lower Middle School Raikot Tatu, District Diamir, Gilgit Baltistan in the month of March, 2021.

The two-day event was conducted by a team of 13 people including volunteers named Ambreen Asad, Hamza Mahmood and a panel of male and female doctors from the University College of Medicine and Dentistry (UCMD), UOL.

The panel of doctors consisted of Dr. K.H Nasir Siddique (Registrar Surgery and DMS), Dr. Zaima Firdous (Resident, Department of Medicine), Dr. Khwaja Javaid Yousaf (Senior MO Ophthalmology), Dr. Amna Rasool (Consultant Dermatologist), Dr. Hamza Riaz (House Officer, Department of Dermatology), Mr. Sami Ullah Khan (Pharmacist), and Mr. Jahan Zeb (Optometrist ULTH).

Almost 1,215 people including 1,036 residents from Tatu Village and its outskirts, and 179 students of Government Middle School Tatu were given free medical assistance.

The students from higher secondary classes and school teachers of Tatu village worked as volunteers and helped in the registration of the residents, assisted doctors and even acted as translators/interpreters. They also helped in the delivery of food items that was distributed by the UOL Relief amongst the school children and other community members.

During the camp, people were examined for blood pressure, diabetes, eyes and skin related issuesThe majority of the people had sound health and showed no indication of diabetes or high blood pressure. There was no vision related issue amongst the people. However, complaints regarding eye and skin allergies were identified and the affected people were given the necessary treatment.

The team analyzed that majority of the health complaints were linked to the poor sanitation and insufficient water supply in the area. Water was not readily available to the people and they had to fetch it from far. Moreover, to avoid frequent trips, villagers did not take regular baths and as a consequence, they faced numerous eye and skin allergies.

In this regard, UOL Relief Trust pledged to start a project aiming at installing water pipes in the Tatu Village in July-August, 2021 in order to boost the welfare of the residents.

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