Update: On-premises educational operations to open at the University of Lahore under strict SOPs

In light of the guidelines received from the Higher Education Commission regarding strategy for the gradual reopening of HEIs in Pakistan, the University in consultation with the Head of Departments has formulated the following plan taking in account density thresholds relative to campus infrastructure.

  1. The following departments will go for online lectures throughout the semester. The mid-term and final exams will be held physically on campus.a. Department of Education
    b. Department of Economic
    c. Department of Mathematics and Statistics
  2. The rest of the Departments will hold physical classes on campus as per the following criteria.a. The lectures, mid-term, and final exams will be held physically on campus.
    b. The classes will be held 6 days a week from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm
    c. HODs will inform the students about the detailed conduct of classes and examinations.
  3. All the classes (whether online or physical) will commence from September 28, 2020, except the following departments which will commence their classes from October 5, 2020.a. Department of Mechanical Engineering
    b. Department of Civil Engineering
    c. Department of Technology
    d. Department of Electronics and Electrical Systems
    e. Department of Physics
    f. Department of Chemistry
    g. Department of Environmental Sciences
  4. Students will only come to the Campus on their scheduled date and time and will ensure the adherence to the SOPs which will be communicated separately.
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