Society of Life Sciences holds seminar on the maintenance of cell fates in Drosophila

Muhammad Sajid Rasheed 

 The Society of Life Sciences organized a seminar titled as “Quest for anti-silencing factors involved in maintenance of cell fates in Drosophila” on October 28, 2020 at the UOL Defence Road Campus. The seminar aimed at improving the understanding of students and young scientists about the epigenetics and drosophila genetics.

IMBB faculty and students were present at the event where Dr. Muhammad Tariq, Founding Chairperson and Associate Professor, SSE Biology, LUMS was the guest speaker. Dr. Tariq demonstrated his research work and highlighted the importance of epigenetics and gene silencing in progression of developmental pathways and cancer in drosophila fly.

At the end, Professor. Dr. Sadaqat Mehdi concluded the session and presented a souvenir to the guest speaker.

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