The office of Student Affairs

Student Services

Student Services Center (SSC) of the University of Lahore (UOL) is envisaged to offer one-step, efficient, and excellent services to its students and develop them academically and physically in an inclusive environment. SSC is operating under principles of a sense of service, courtesy, fairness, integrity, empathy, efficiency, teamwork, and learning.

The purpose of this department is to facilitate students by all possible means, give them a one-step service. In the first phase, SSC deals with all the non-Academic departments of the University for e.g. Registrar Office, Controller of Examination, Account and Finance Department, Transport Office, Library, etc. This is to ensure a smooth transition of culture at the university and to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

It is established to support the student body and maximize student completion rates. This department will be able to evaluate and resolve student inquiries, issues, and problems. Also, it ensures that appropriate action is taken to the satisfaction of students in compliance with policy, procedures, and legal requirements of the University. In future SSC will Plan, implement, and direct programs and services that assist students to re-enter, continue and complete their academic programs. Develop, monitor, and facilitate the activity of the student retention program. In future SSC will deal with the Academic Department sand expand its services to more sections related to Student Services. Student Services Center helps the students through the:

1.      Collaboration and partnership across the University departments and external community
2.      Continuous development personnel and teams
3.      Continuous improvement in services and system and also ensuring quality

Student Service Center (SSC), also provides an excellent opportunity to University check the efficiency of various non-Academic and Academic departments in service provision.

Goals of SSC

The Student Services Center aspires to achieve the following goals in collaboration with other departments of the University:

1.      Provide excellent student-centred admin services
2.      Enable students to develop life skills and personality
3.      Assist students with academic and personal issues that may interfere with their academic programs.
4.      Develop a referral/mentoring group for students seeking help or need assistance
5.      Establish a plan of action to address student problems or issues


Student Service Center