The University of Lahore

Media Services


Media Office at The University of Lahore is responsible for managing all external and internal communications. The University of Lahore’s office of Communication represents and promotes the University and its faculty, students, programs, and policies to a variety of internal and external constituents.

The office provides strategic communications consultant, media relation efforts, strategic Web communications, and event planning services on behalf of the University of Lahore, its faculty, administrators, academic programs and staff, and coordinates activities to promote University officials and expertise to internal and external constituencies.

Digital identites of UOL are managed exclusively since 2013 by Kunstlr Media consultancy under a comprehensive contract which takes care of all the digital assets and online marketing.

Our office is also available to assist with publicity efforts for the University. We draft press releases, media advisories, fact sheets and other materials to publicize news from faculty research and/or the university.  The Media Office can assist University departments and media organization’s in capturing or covering events and interviewing our faculty using a range of audio and video services. In order to recognize students for their hard work and dedication, we distribute press releases to Newspapers.


The University of Lahore Media Relations team is the university’s central press office.

They connect journalists to expert academics and promote UOL research and teaching throughout the global media. Media office at the University of Lahore always believes in creating strong relationships with different Media Personnel. For the coverage of any event, seminar, and workshops across the university, media office sends a formal invitation to all media channels and newspapers. 

Throughout the event, the media staff of UOL assists all media practitioners in any manner they can.  The media office also distributes regular press releases about institutional news and the latest research and projects across UoL. Press Release which needs to be published is to be sent to Media Office at For any queries related to the media Office, Departments can contact at +92 42 35963421, Ext-4406 or by email


Media Office provides Photography and Videography services on all the events that happens at the University. They cover seminars, festivals, sports events, gaming competitions, and all other activities at the University.

 If any department wants coverage on its events, They can ask Media Office for it by emailing the details at


The media office in The University of Lahore also provides designing services. It includes designing of different posters for events, seminars, and workshops to be held across the university. It is responsible for designing of University’s newspaper advertisements and it’s publishing.


Media Office provides a full range of printing services. It also provides editorial support to major University publications and a wide range of other communication materials.


The Media Office at The University of Lahore publishes the institute’s newsletter on a regular basis which includes news from all the departments, Clubs and Societies, Events and Activities, and highlights campus life.


Our logo is a design symbolizing our organization and its recognition. The University of Lahore logo must be used as it is designed keeping in mind its proportions (height/width). It must not be stretched vertically or horizontally.

At the heart of the University’s visual identity is the main logo. This is the core element, which should be seen on everything we do – from letterheads to leaflets, banners to bookmarks to certificates. 

The logo which is shown is the primary version of the brand mark and always contains the logo and the University’s name.

Commercially printed materials

The primary typeface for the brand for commercially printed materials is Trebuchet MS, which has been chosen for its clarity and readability.

This typeface should be used for brand level statements such as the titling section and departmental names. It is to be used on all printed materials, for example, leaflets and brochures. This is the highest level at which Trebuchet MS is used and consistency is important. 


In print media where only black is available (such as press advertisement or black and white laser printing), it is acceptable to use the brand in black.

Please note: do not print letterheads in color on a laser printer or inkjet as the color of the brand will not be right. Please print in black using the black artwork versions. 


If it is required to be used with a background then the background color must match the original logo color as mentioned above. 


The Media Office