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Hostels Summary

The housing system at UoL is designed to provide a supportive environment that feels like home while helping students grow both academically and personally. There is a wide range of accommodation available for girls with the rents for rooms varying based on the facilities provided. The rooms are part of a connected complex comprising of Fatima Hall, Kulsoom Hall, Razia Hall, Shahida Hall on campus and UoL Villas Hostel if you desire to live off campus at a short distance. Uol currently has housing capacity for 2300 Students out of which 2000 students live on campus.

Students have a choice between Single, Bi-Seated and Bunkbed accommodation with a choice of Air-condition and Heating.

The essential facilities include a bed, mattress, study table, student chair, curtains and cupboard for each student regardless of the type of accommodation you chose. Three meals with variating menus for every day are included. For students who want to cook their own meals, stoves have been installed along with shared deep-freezers and water coolers on all floors. Other facilities include irons with iron tables and washing machines, dryers as well as high speed internet (WiFi) is guaranteed in all room. 24/7 uninterrupted power by dedicated sub-grid and generators ensuring that our students don’t have to face any inconvenience in case of a power breakdown. Every building hall is equipped with two elevators for student use.

Students’ health and safety is an essential priority for UoL and our teaching hospital provides medial facilities round the clock. We also consider international students to be one of our prized assets and they are provided free transportation to and from the airport though out their stay with UoL.

Admission Fee 

Single Rooms are subject to availability

Room Category   Price per Month
A  Warden Room Series ( Bi-seated Students ) RS 23,800.00/
B Warden Room Series ( Tri-seated Students ) RS 18,800.00/
C Bunk Beds Accommodation Students RS 15,000.00/