The Account Office


Finance Office

All financial matters of the University are handled by this office including but not limited to payments, maintain accounts thereof, and rendering financial advice to university authorities.

The account office also acts as a clearing-house for student charges and in addition to processing payments, credits, refunds, and charges, it ensures that financial transactions are accurately and appropriately recorded in the university’s books of accounts and its financial statements are in conformity with applicable international standards.

Mission Statment

“Our mission is to serve our students, business partners, and employees by providing prompt, reliable accounting, and other services. Also ensuring accurate financial information and reports are readily available. Coordinating external audits; and contributing to the control environment through the development of financial applications and dissemination of information regarding applicable laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.”


1. The goal of this office is to provide exceptional services in handling financial matters while maintaining high level of integrity, honesty, and professional ethics.

2. Operate as an active organ in developing and setting up more campuses of the University.

3. Reaching out to all those who are concerned or dealing with the institution through innovative means and information technology.

Chief Financial Officer
+92 42 111-865-865, (ext: 4100)

Deputy Director
+92 42 111-865-865, (ext: 4101)

Manager Accounting and Financial Control
+92 42 111-865-865, (ext: 4102)

Manager Fee and Billing
+92 42 111-865-865, (ext: 4103)

Assistant Director Finance
+92 42 111-865-865, (ext: 4105)

Manager Budgeting and Controlling
+92 42 111-865-865, (ext: 4107)