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Lawyer In Chamber

Lawyer In Chamber

Imran’s Law Associates is a leading Law Firm, providing a vast range of legal services & solutions for domestic and international clients. The firm was formed in 1992 as “Imran’s Law Associates” by Senior Partner and founder Ali Imran Naqvi. He is Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan. On 22nd Oct. 2019, Adv. Ali Imran Naqvi came to UOL to interact with the students of Law department. The seminar was organized by the department of Career Services and Corporate Linkages (CSCL) in collaboration with Career Sols.

CSCL has signed an MoU with Career Sols for collaboration in connection with industrial linkages. The seminar was entitled as ‘Layer in Chamber’. Ali Qaswar Khaleeq (Manager PR – UOL) welcomed the guests and introduced them to the audience. He said that CSCL is committed to connecting the UOL students with their relevant industry and this seminar is one example in this regard. Afterwards, Iqra Aleem (CEO – Career Sols) talked about the importance of such opportunities where the students are able to get connected with the gurus of their respective fields. She motivated the students to anticipate a very interesting and engaging one hour ahead. This was followed by the address of the chief guest Adv. Imran Ali Naqvi (founder of Imran Law Associates).

Imran Naqvi interacted with the students for an hour in which he deliberated upon different aspects that a lawyer needs to focus upon while entering a Chamber and while pursuing practice. The students took a keen interest in the session that was evident from a large range of queries made by them that were answered in detail by Adv Naqvi.

In the end, Imran Law Associates announced an internship leading to job opportunities to the UOL students that will be pursued by the department.