Office of Career Services & Corporate Linkages

2-day Seminar (17.10.2019 – 18.10.2019) OnTrak

2-day Seminar (17.10.2019 - 18.10.2019) OnTrak

The department of Career Services and Corporate Linkages organized a 2-Day Awareness seminar on Ontrak Training Program for the students of CS and SE departments. The first module of Ontrak Training Program was offered to the UOL students during Summers-2019 in which 3 courses, namely IOTs, Cloud Computing and Deep Learning were offered.

As per the initial plan, the second module for the same courses are now being offered. In addition, second batch of the first module is also being enrolled. The purpose of the seminar was to enlighten the students about the training program, its contents and the career prospects for the candidates who attend this training.

The Ontrak Team briefed the audience about Ontrak as well as about the career oriented benefits of taking this training. In the end, certificates were distributed among the successful candidates of the first module. Ontak also announced 6 internships for the 1st batch (2 top performers from each course).