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11.3.2020 Hotel One

11.3.2020 Hotel One

Hotel One is a well-known organization and one of the pioneers in bringing exceptional services for their valuable guests through recruitment of the best possible human resource; with this intent in mind, they took interest in conducting a “career development session” for the students of UOL.

The session focused on effective job searching techniques, writing attractive resumes, and how to prepare for winning job interviews. Asad Ur Rehman (Director HR and OD – Hotel One) began with expressing his pleasure to be at the UOL and said that he always likes to have an interaction with bright and young students.

The session was based on career building of the students, Mr. Asad explained to the students how they can pursue their dream careers. He told them the regulations of giving interviews and highlighted the common mistakes people do in interviews.

It was a fully interactive session where students learned different things relevant to career development through different activities. Besides, he also discussed the techniques of CV building and told the students the content, structuring and Do’s & Don’ts for a CV. He also discussed the career opportunities for the students in Hotel One. After that students asked different questions relevant to the session which were answered by Mr. Asad.