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ABN NEWS is the first TV (web) channel, completely focusing on Pakistani youth. ABN News slogan is ‘’ Naujwano ki Awaz’’. The channel provides a platform to our youngsters, where they can showcase their hidden talent. The channel will unlock the abstract of acquisitions and concerns of the students who have a desire to look beyond the horizon. ABN News programs are acquainted with youth education, entertainment, information and right career guidance.

Career Sols

Career Sols is Pakistan's first dedicated internship portal which aims to foster a community of aspiring professionals. We provide relevant work experience to students and fresh graduates so they can kick-start their career. With over 15 corporate partners and 150 successful placements, we are paving the path for expanding our online network too. Furthermore, pre-intern trainings, workshops and CV screenings are integral to us for building a family of talented individuals ready to make their mark in a dynamic work environment.

Car First

CarFirst is transforming the way used-cars are traded in Pakistan, with a network of over 20 purchase centers in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Car owners can now easily sell their cars through our secure, convenient, and hassle-free process. CarFirst also provides car dealers easy access to nationwide inventory through their online auction platform. CarFirst is a name and brand owned and operated wholly by Augmentech Business Solutions (Pvt) Ltd.


Cheetay is an everyday app changing the way people shop and businesses operate in Pakistan. Previously focusing only on food delivery, it has added the verticals of Pantry, Pharma, and Tiffin for customer’s convenience. Being the fastest growing e-Commerce platform, Cheetay is there to harness, support and empower locals. It is currently operating in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Bahawalpur and Faisalabad.

Excise, Taxation and Narcotics Control Department

The Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics Control Department provides services for the collection of various taxes and duties efficiently and effectively and suggests ways and means for additional resource mobilization in the Province. Apart from building up the taxpayer’s confidence, the creation of a tax-paying culture and providing facilities to the general public in payment of taxes are the topmost priorities.


Enrichers was founded in 2011 by Syed Abdullah Bukhari with a vision to revolutionize the investment industry in Pakistan by means of modern wealth management capabilities and transparent investor relations. At Enrichers, we provide manifold investment opportunities in ever-evolving real estate, financial markets and physical trade, business brokerage, and agri-division. EIG, per se a private equity, uses its productivity frontier to create and execute a customized value plan for our clients to allow them to make smart financial choices contributing towards healthy long term returns. Our hierarchy of executives with their intense professional will and acute Risk Management Strategies scrutinizes that all legal due diligence is exercised to avoid any fiscal contingency.

Media 92

Media 92 is an Official Network to deals with Digital Media. As u knows, In future, everybody belongs to Digital Media and depend on it. So, we tried to make strong base in Future on Social Media Networks. You are Glad to know, that we have strong ratings in Digital Media Ratings and we are improving our performance day by day. We deal Millions of Traffic on our all Social Networks Accounts. We have experienced and professional team, which deals social media department, news desk, NLE Department, Reporting & Anchors etc. We Have Professional Website name by "", Facebook Page name by "m92. Web TV", Twitter Account name by "M92tv" and YouTube Channel named by "M92tv.

C-Shine Group

C-Shine Group of Companies specializes in pest control but its services not limited to pest control only. They are Pakistan’s first ISO certified chemical manufacturers company presenting more than 30 international brands in Pakistan. C-SHINE was a dream till August 2006 when three friends joined hands together to form a group to take their share from the growing economic development of Pakistan, especially in Punjab.

Learning Hub

Learning Hub is an EdTech company which focuses of providing high quality education and professional skills needed for the upcoming generations to excel in the continuously competitive market. Learning Hub engages the leading resources of the academic and corporate sector to provide quality education and training programs for students and professional using a technology based environment which allows them participate in live real time from anywhere in Pakistan.

National Highways & Motorway

National Highways & Motorway Police Training College, Sheikhupura has achieved a respectable status among the comity of Police Training Institutes in a short span of time. It has become a role model due to its unique features of training programs i.e. combining training and education in order to provide its trainees with the professional skills, leadership qualities and decision-making abilities that are required to maintain a civilized and safe society.

Pure Foods

In April 2006 Pure Foods Company started manufacturing the nectar and juices from the selection of the finest fruits. In a short span PFC was able to set high bench marks for the competitors and also started exporting to more than twenty-five countries around the world and became the leading manufacturer in Pakistan. Pure Foods Company has the capacity to manufacturer premium quality Nectars and fruit based Juices in PET Bottles and Tetra Pak on most modern and state-of-the-art processing units. PFC is the only nectar and juice manufacturing company in Pakistan which has ten finest fruit flavors available throughout Pakistan under different brand names and Fruit Farm and Regal Siprus are the top of the list.


Servis Industries Limited is a public limited company listed on the stock exchange of Pakistan. It has annual revenues of about PKR 18 billion and is the largest manufacturer of footwear, tyres and tubes for two-wheeler’s and has been the largest footwear exporter of the country for the last 10 years. Service Industries Limited is working with a mission to be a result oriented and profitable company by consistently improving market share, quality, diversity, availability, presentation, reliability and customer acceptance.


SWYFT Delivery Solutions (Pvt.) Limited is a company which aims to bring in innovative solutions to move your business forward with authentic integrity by being Better. Cheaper. Faster Logistics Company nationwide. Our fully automated systems & warehouse management accompanied with professional detailed online portals make us the first of its kind company in Pakistan.

Talent Hunters

Talent Hunters (Pvt.) Ltd. as a national HR consultancy firm, works with entrepreneurs to transform dreams into reality. We develop talent, help people be more effective, and motivate them to perform at their best. Our clients, we call them partners, came from the private, public, and non-profit sectors, across every industry in Pakistan. Their diverse business challenges, means we help them recognize and face their unique issues, as well as their unique challenges.

Touchstone International

Touchstone International Company is a multi-faceted turnkey solution provider, teamed up with technical staff for product development for industrial and commercial products as well as custom machine design of capital equipment and manufacturing. We work as a collaborative engineering partner. Touchstone is a technical and business solution provider, a defense contractor, serving government and private sector including United Nations in capacity building through its sister concerns. Touchstone has been serving customers for over fifteen years and is involved in application engineering which develops the solutions from concept to prototype and prototype to the proof of concept ready to manufacture.


WCCI established since 2008 solely to promote and develop women entrepreneurship in Pakistan. Our mission is to establish an organization whereby women entrepreneurs belonging to all tiers of society will find a forum for both potential and established women entrepreneurs to voice their concerns, to seek assistance for purposes of research and further development. The chamber aims to provide a one-window facility whereby they will be able to receive the opportunities to interact with both local and international personnel as well as facilities for research and development.

WorldCall Telecom Limited

WorldCall Telecom Limited (WTL) is the most reliable and unique telecom and multimedia service provider in Pakistan. WorldCall launched its business in June 1996 with payphone operations. Amid fundamental shifts in technology and industry, innovation and dedication led us to growth in diversified businesses with a range of services designed to serve the needs of the local market. From Cable Broadband to Wireless Broadband, from Cable TV to Video on Demand, from LDI services and fiber optic network to wireless local loop telephony, WTL has crossed a number of milestones. WTL offers an array of services under three major service categories i.e. Data, Entertainment and Voice

Al Kabir Town

Al Kabir Town (pvt) Limited is a cost effective housing society designed with a particular emphasis on innovation and technology. Innovation helps us evolve solutions and structures that remain relevant not only today but for all times to come. Technology helps us translate that dream into a living reality, to offer our clients a lifestyle that is light years ahead. Providing luxurious lifestyle with quality environment for living, Al Kabir Town’s safe and secure premises guarantee the utmost peace of mind to its inhabitants. Similarly, the legally compliant and complete status makes it the safest investment avenue in town. Thus, at Al Kabir Town your home, life and future everything is absolutely safe, today and tomorrow.


FF STEEL is the largest and fastest re-rolling mill in Pakistan in terms of production capacity and rolling speed. Since its foundation in 1986, the company has excelled in the manufacturing of steel products by meeting International Standards. The Company takes pride not only in our technical superiority over other re-rolling mills but also in their quality assurance procedures and processes. Some of the salient features of the company include; • In-house Material Testing Laboratory. • Only Deformed Grade-60 Bars are manufactured. • To ensure the production of quality products, all raw material (billets) are exclusively tested verified in our in-house Material Testing Laboratory, and then forwarded for production. • To show our dedication towards quality products, FF STEEL has acquired OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO: 14001:2004, ISO: 9001:2008 certification.

IGI Life Insurance

IGI Life Insurance Limited has marked the entry of IGI Holdings (part of Packages Group) into the Life Insurance arena through acquisition of controlling shares in American Life Insurance Company (Pakistan) Limited in April 2014. Acquisition by Packages Group makes IGI Life one of a kind life insurance provider in Pakistan as IGI Life’s multinational heritage is now coupled with the experience of Packages group which is one of the most reputed business conglomerates having several joint ventures with leading global brands in the FMCG, Pharmaceutical and Packaging sectors. IGI Life’s current product suite includes Life Insurance plans, Accident & Health Insurance and Employee Benefit Solutions. IGI Life is also amongst the first few companies who commenced Family Takaful business in 2015 under Window Takaful Operations enabling the Company to offer Shari’ah compliant solutions


Ignite Venture “MyLift” is a car ride service that conveniently takes people to their destinations in comfort and security. It is a platform that works every day to better the lives of people around it. Is not finding a comfortable ride irritating enough? We understand your requirement for finding an easy, fast and reliable ride. That is why Ignite Venture “MyLift” provides services that are compatible with today’s technology, making it convenient for the people. We provide quality and professional services any time you want it. You can book your ride in few minutes. Our large growing network of loyal customers depend on us for everything from airport pick-up and drop-off to grocery runs, medical appointments or hospital visits, sightseeing tours, and unforgettable days and nights on the town. Our focal points for Customers are: • Clean and tidy cabs • Safe driving • Friendly and polite captains • Safe driving • Most practical route taken


The Punjab Safe Cities Authority Act-2016 was enacted to establish Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) in order to ensure the safety and security of the people / citizens, inter alia, for the purposes of construction, development and maintenance of a city-wide Integrated Command, Control and Communications (IC3) system in the major cities of the Punjab. PSCA is presently managing and operating Punjab Police Integrated Command Control and Communication (PPIC3) Centre in Lahore for surveillance and monitoring of areas through cameras and other ancillary equipment, within the territorial limits of Lahore. PSCA has got information technology related capacity and capability to provide services related to information technology. PSCA has got relevant human resource with related skillset to provide information technology services.

Star Asia News

Star Asia News is a satellite channel, which is an addition to the existing media boom in Pakistan, launched on June 2014. Focusing on News, Views, Current Affairs, Local Events and Happenings in the country, it refers to disseminating current events via medium of television. A “news bulletin” or a “news cast” are television programs lasting from seconds to hours that provide updates on international, national, regional and/or local news events. It has its head offices in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi as well as offices in various districts of Punjab, Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.