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Alumni Meetups

Alumni Meetups

Alumni Meet up is a weekly event that CSCL has started to organize since August 2019. The concept is to bring the UOL Alumni Network alive. CSCL department is maintaining the UOL Alumni database and out of this database these Alumni are contacted by the department to update the record as regards to their professional achievements and current assignments. These are the alumni who have achieved certain milestones in their professional career and have earned a good name to their UOL in the market.

CSCL contacts them and invites them to their mother educational institute over a cup of tea to have a lively discussion in an informal environment where they are asked to share their journey, experience and learning. Many of them are now employed at various prestigious companies where as many are running their own businesses. These alumni explain how they started off their careers and what phases they have been through to acquire the designation of a CEO, MD, Director, Assistant Director, Professor, Banker, Doctor or TV Anchor.

These discussions are fruitful not only for the fact that we gauge our success with respect to the success of our students but also that we figure out the areas that need to be focused for improvement so that the graduating students of UOL in future do not face the same problems or hurdles that their seniors had to go through in past. Every week, 2 – 3 guests become part of the Alumni meet up.

This initiative is being appreciated by the alumni who maintain that it is a matter of pride for them to be remembered by their university and to be regarded in such a manner. These meetup sessions are part of the corporate linkages activities of CSCL department where the corporate ties with the industry are being strengthened through the UOL alumni.