The office of Student Affairs

Club & Societies

Club & Societies Office is incubated at OSA to streamline the activities for clubs and societies.

Club & Societies works with all the Departments to establish Class Representative System and accepts registration for different Clubs and Societies. Clubs/Societies consists of a convener; who leads the entity, a secretary; who assists convener for the execution of general duties, a treasurer; who makes realistic annual budget and general members.

Club & Societies Office establishes clear rules and regulations for all the entities and the participants under it to keep order and a proper system. All student extra-curricular activities at the University of Lahore are arranged by Club & Societies Office .

Currently Registered clubs/societies are Dramatic Club, Debating Society, Environmental Society, Photography Club, Health Society, Arts& Culture Society, Computer Gaming Society, and many more. Different forms are available at Club & Societies Office to initiate student activities throughout the university like Expression of Interest, Event proposal form, Facilities requirement form, Event planning guideline, and many more.


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