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Career Services

Careers Services

The department of Career Services and Corporate Linkages (CSCL) at the University of Lahore (UOL) was established in 2017. The basic aim of the department is to ensure the market placement for the UOL students. In this regard, the department has been given the mandate to bring in the industry and connect the students of UOL with their relevant industry. The department has flourished under a team of self-driven and competent members with diverse experiences from the corporate and academic sectors. 
CSCL is dedicated to providing the best services to its students by grooming them to develop a career-oriented vision of their goals and objectives before they enter their field of specialization, practically.
Developing and upholding professional associations within the corporate world is one of the major responsibilities of CSCL.

The department is constantly engaged in the following activities:
• Creating corporate links with industry by signing MoUs 
• Ensuring placement of students in the professional market
• Conducting training and development sessions to enhance market-oriented soft skills
• Career counseling 

Core Departments

1. Alumni Relations
2. Marketing & Branding
3. External Linkages
4. Coaching & Mentoring

Our primary aim is not only to bridge the gap between the corporate sector and the students of the University of Lahore but rather to prepare them for the real world.

In addition to this, we are here from the very first day to welcome the students through a purposeful orientation. CSCL is available throughout the UoL journey to foster, cherish, and nurture the academic life.

Variety of facilities are provided on campus for students to help them explore their true potential, such as;
o Workshops-
o U-Talks,
o Seminars,
o Corporate Days,
o Crash Courses
o Student Placement
o One-on-one Coaching Sessions, etc.






We welcome you to the University of Lahore. Since it was established in 1999, UOL has achieved an impressive milestone by producing accomplished professionals who have made the best fit with the public and corporate world in a highly professional manner. We, at UOL, believe in the applied learning experience and development of hands-on problem-solving skills, which make our degree programs challenging, interesting, and rewarding. All degrees at UOL are accredited by HEC. We have a state of the art library with 8000 books and a sizable quantity of academic journals. In addition, we have access to the best online research portals to help out students in their research. UOL has a strength of over 37000 students in undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate research programs. We have professional and highly qualified faculty and academic and industrial experience.

Dear recruiter,

We are pleased to share with you the UOL Recruiters Guide. We hope you will find this information useful as you explore the various opportunities to engage our students and that you will use this as a starting point for recruiting talented individuals.
Please get in touch with our UoL’s service team. Their members will work with you to cater to your recruitment needs.
Our career services team is committed to ensuring that your recruiting experience at UoL is effortless, result-oriented, and professional. UoL career service team pride themselves on helping employers attract strong candidates from a focussed talent pool in each professional sector.

Here are the contacts of the UOL career service team. Please contact them according to your recruitment needs.

Saqib Azmat
Director, CSCL. 
Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: 03334766626

Mustafa Shah
Manager Marketing and PR, CSCL
Email: [email protected] 
Contact Number: 03339444420

Kiran Alvi
Senior Officer, CSCL
Email: [email protected]
Contact Phone: 03207950320


A range of recruiting methods to suit your needs

The career services team is committed to finding a recruitment strategy best tailored to your specific needs. Out flexible method recruitment method rage from on-campus activities. Our website, out annual graduate directory, to our annual job fair event.

Our Faculty

UoL faculty is a rich conglomerate of the finest PhDs from around the world having research publications in renowned journals.
Around 50% of UoL faculty has degrees from abroad, including US, UK and Europe.

Our Alumni

Our alumni association provides services of the utmost quality to its alumni and maintains a strong network of Alumni to help fresh graduates to fit in their professional lives through networking events and Alumni homecoming events. UOL is not limited to Pakistan; Our Alumni work and study on the Middle East, Far East, and Europe.

Our Alumni network

Our alumni work’s in a variety of organizations. Here are some of the organizations to reflect the wide range of companies and industries that recruit at UoL.
• University Of Lahore
• Allied Bank Limited
• Crescent Mills Pvt Ltd
• Beaconhouse Schools
• Shalimar Steels Mills Pvt Ltd
• Askari Commercial Bank
• Bank Al-Falah Pvt Ltd
• Orient Electronics
• Packages Pvt Ltd
• Muslim Commercial Bank
• Faisal Bank Ltd
• Al Baraka Bank Ltd
• Millac Foods Ltd
• Punjab Mass Transit Authority
• Silk Bank Ltd
• Meezan bank Ltd
• United Bank Ltd
• Kohinoor Group
• Habib Bank Ltd
• Unilever Pakistan Ltd
• Shahkam Textiles Pvt Ltd
• Sapphire Textile Mills Ltd
• Nestle Pakistan
• Concordia Colleges
• Atlas Honda Ltd
• Dawn Foods Pvt Ltd
• Hashoo Group Pearl Communications
• Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation
• Warid Telecommunications
• Nishat Mills Ltd
• Summit Bank Ltd
• US Denim Mills Ltd
• Haier Electronics
• Mitchell’s Fruit Farms Ltd

How to recruit at UOL?

The UOL career services teams were established to train the students for their professional careers and cater to the HR needs of the corporate world.
It provides you with the platform to exclusively address all your business’ HR needs across various functions and industries.

The office provides support to its recruiting partners in identifying ideal candidates for their organization through the following recruitment strategies:

Job Vacancy Advertisement:
Employers can send us their specific job advert along with personnel specifications. We will post the ad on our platforms. After getting the CVs of interested applicants, we will handpick the most suitable candidates and their profiles will be forwarded to the employers for further screening and interview process.

Graduate Directory:
UoL maintains an annually published graduate directory, which maintains the profiles of the students who finished their degrees during the year. Employers can acquire access to the graduate directory by contacting us through email and then go through our entire talent pool to recruit the most suitable candidates.

Annual Job Fair
UoL organizes annual job fair, employers can book a spot in the event to meet the students and graduates and that handpick the individuals most suited for their HR needs.

Alumni Networking Events
UoL Alumni can get in touch with the university to organize a recruiting event for their organization.

On-campus recruitment:
Organizations can get access to on-campus recruitment events and can conduct a recruitment exercises tailored to their needs. They can conduct the following events or they can come up with their own strategy to cater to their needs:

Organizations can conduct on-campus interviews of the candidates they have selected through profile reviews and screening.

Group test sessions
Organizations can also conduct on-campus aptitude test sessions for shortlisting of the candidates.

All-day recruitment:
Our placement office also facilitates all-day recruitment for its recruiting partners. Those who wish to condense several recruitment stages into a short time span can target this model at our campus. It can involve corporate presentations, tests, interviews, group discussions, and more.