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Alumni are one of the most important assets of The University of Lahore. Data and information of alumni are significant in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of programs offered by the UOL. For these reasons, it should be stored in the repository for future use.

The Career Services and Corporate Linkages department of The University of Lahore has set a target to develop an alumni database to gather data regarding the graduates of UOL such as personal information, educational background, training, and employment data. The gathered data will be kept in a repository for the possible generation of relevant reports. These reports contain information like most demand jobs, urgent hiring, and the types of UOL most desired by industries. The implementation of the alumni database system will help build and sustain a relationship with alumni that encourage them to participate in University matters thus contributing to promote the good name and reputation of The University of Lahore here and abroad. Likewise, it also encourages them to participate in homecomings and other university-related activities.

Sustain the long-life relationship between alumni and UOL for the betterment of their future and good linkages.  

Get mutual benefit between the Alumni and The University of Lahore by providing a wide range of quality services, benefits , networking and engaging the students in different activities that will encourage them to stay in touch with the University

UoL Alumni Team invites you to fill this form on behalf of CSCL. UoL aims to integrate the culture of Alumni Homecoming in its student body & to instill a sense of belonging by remaining in touch with you.

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