The office of Student Affairs


To gauge the level of satisfaction with services offered by University, QEC is supposed to keep in touch with University Alumni. “Lahore Alumni” (LA) as a brand consist of a complete micro-site that is Lahore  Complete profiles and registration of Alumni are maintained through this site. Registered graduates can get job alerts, latest updated news about University and student achievements, and many more. To ensure maximum exposure and participation by Alumni, LA is using third party applications and platforms like social networking, a yearly magazine with the name of “Lahore Now”, Newsletters/mailing lists as a delivery mechanism.

The Alumni card gets by every student after their graduation. We can offer multiple services like library access, sports facilities, discount on different outlets, and short courses offered by the University through this card. Graduating students are offering email accounts at LA as a way to connect with services offered under this platform. University branded notepads, shirts, tracksuits, socks, caps, stickers, pens, key chains, cards, and many other products are offered to Alumni via LA network. In start membership fee is Rs.400. Advertisements on the yearly magazines, social networks, and merchandises are the sources of revenue for LA.

 To ensure maximum Alumni involvement, Lahore Alumni take place different activities on regular/scheduled instances that will include trips, annual dinners, professional networking, offer continued skill development courses, lectures, and conferences. LA motivates the Alumni towards volunteer programs for example UOL relief activities during floods. Lahore Alumni also help and arrange internships for alumni and for students. Donations and sponsors can be made directly to the UOL relief by LA. Career services, library and medical services, copy of official documents like degree, transcripts are also offered to Alumni.