Seminar on Blockchain Technology

The Department of Software Engineering organized a seminar on “Blockchain and its Applications” on October 12, 2019 with the aim to present a simple and easy understanding of Blockchain technology potential to the more than 150 students and professionals from various domains.
Dr. Anjum Naveed (PhD, UNSW Australia), a leader of multiple Blockchain based software development efforts under the umbrella of VSi, USA was the key speaker of the event. His current Blockchain based projects include: World Bank Funded Farms Operations Management System for dairy farmers in Pakistan, Social Networking application for women empowerment and Blockchain based Insurance Records for a Pakistani insurance company. He holds expertise in the domain of Computer Networks, Cloud Computing, Computer Systems and System Optimization. During his presentation, he described Blockchain technology as the biggest revolution since the Internet invention.
Dr. Faiza Iqbal, the seminar organizer, expressed that; “This seminar aimed to provide an understanding of Blockchain technology to our undergraduate students and early researcher. We conveyed the importance of this technology and its applications beyond crypto currency and bit coins.”
Participants of the seminars learnt the strengths and weaknesses of the underlying ledger technology and got introduced to the learned practices of blockchain projects and how the most promising new initiatives are attempting to transform key global industries.
In the closing address, Dr. Ibrar Hussain, Head of Software Engineering Department, remarked that Blockchain technology has emerged as the single most discussed technology during the past decade. He said, “It is, therefore, need of the hour to understand and adapt this technology in order to stand with the rest of the world”. He requested for corporate linkage MoU with Dr. Naveed in the domain of Blockchain.
Dr. Anjum expressed interest in organizing a series of Blockchain lab based practical sessions and lectures for The UOL students in future.



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