Sargodha Campus faculty publish multiple papers, participates in webinars, conferences

Campus Report

The Faculty members of UOL Sargodha Campus published multiple research papers and participated in multiple webinars and conference in the months of March and April, 2021.

The Lahore Business School (LBS), Sargodha Campus, arranged a webinar under the umbrella of SMEBFA and SMEDA on “Small Business Startup – Steps & Procedures” conducted by Mr. Mahtab Ali Raza (CEO, MA Autos, Multan). Dr. Tehreem Fatima (Head, LBS Industry-Academia Linkage Committee) was the key organizer of the event that was attended by all faculty members and students.

In the same time frame, the department organized an international webinar on “Literature Review” under the leadership of Dr. M. Jam-e-Kausar, (HoD, LBS). The keynote speaker was Prof. Dr. Tariq Ahmad (Rabat Business School Morocco).

Dr. Arslan Ayub (Convener, LBS Activities Committee) who has joined the Editorial Advisory Board of Employee Relations (Indexed by SSCI & ABDC), Emerald Publishing in March, participated in the International E-Conference on Advances in Business and Management (IECBM-2021) as a Session Chair. The event was organized by Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, University of Dehli, India in collaboration with the University of Tehran, Iran, Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka and Emerald Publishing.

During the conference, Dr. Ayub evaluated the multidisciplinary research on COVID-19 and its impact on Advances in Business and Management. The session was co-chaired by Dr. Saeed Pahlevan Sharif (Associate Professor, Taylor’s University, Malaysia, Editor-in-chief Asia Pacific Journal of Business Administration). Several renowned personalities including Prof. Jay Kandampullay (Editor-in-chief, Journal of Service Management), Prof. A. Parasuraman (Prof. Marketing, Miami Herbert Business School, USA) and Prof. Ramaya Thurasamy (Prof. Taylor’s University, Malaysia) were also the part of the conference.

Dr. Ayub also co-authored two papers with Ms. Tahira Ajmal (Lecturer, LBS) and Ms. Fatima Sultana, (Lecturer, LBS) entitled as “Abusive supervision and knowledge hiding in service organizations: exploring the boundary conditions” and “Coping with workplace ostracism through ability-based emotional intelligence” in the Journal of Conflict Management and the Journal of Organizational Change Management respectively.

Dr. Anser Mehmood (HoD, English Language and Literature) and Ms. Noureen Aslam (Lecturer, ELL) co-authored a research paper entitled as “Critical Discourse Analysis of Advertisements of ‘Black Friday’ And ‘Blessed Friday’: A Socio-Cultural Perspective” in the International Journal of English and Education.   

Mr. Wajid Riaz (Assistant Professor, ELL) also published a paper with the title “Three Waves of Feminism: A Critical Textual Analysis of the Selected Poems from Greek to Present” in HEC recognized Y category journal the Discourse.

Ms. Nadia Naqvi (Lecturer, ELL) published in Journal of English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics entitled “A Sociolinguistic Study of Linguistics Taboo in Send My Roots Rains by Ibis Gomes Vega”.

Dr. Bilal Ahmed (Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics) published three papers in the Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Journal of Magnetics and Alexandria Engineering Journal.  

Dr. Ahmed also presented his research paper in the International Conference titled as International Hazar Scientific Researches Conference- II, organized by Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan in the same time period. He delivered a valuable talk on “A numerical study of Rheology of Boundary Layer Axisymmtric Flow of an Oldroyd-B Fluid in the Region of Stagnation Point Over a Stretching Sheet: Finite Difference analysis”.

Mrs. Sherish Asharf (Lecturer, ELL) represented UOL at an International Conference titled as The 52nd Annual Convention of The Northeast Modern Languages Association, organized by the University at Buffalo. She presented a paper titled as “History, Culture, and Identity: Emerging Narratives in South Asian Literature”.

The paper highlighted the role of postcolonial societies and their relationship with the western world and how different contemporary issues exist in the South Asian Literature, giving a prestigious position to South Asian Literature in English, particularly focusing on literary aesthetics and trans culturalism in Pakistani Anglophone.

Mr. Muhammad Danish (Lecturer, LBS) published a research article “Adoption of green IT in Pakistan: A comparison of three competing models through model selection criteria using PLS-SEM” in the Environmental Science and Pollution Research. This article compares three theoretical models for the adoption of green IT in Pakistan and suggests the best model for the applicability of green IT. Moreover, it also explores factors that can affect the adoption of green IT in Pakistan.

Dr. Yassir Mahmood (Assistant Professor) and Mr. Zubair Ahmad, (Lecturer) co-published a research paper titled as “Factors Influencing the Knowledge Hiding Behavior and Assessing its Role as an Obstacle of Innovation in Education Sector” in the Elementary Education Online. The research identifies the influence of workplace ostracism, T-shaped skills and workplace incivility on knowledge hiding from employees in schools and colleges located in Faisalabad and Sargodha, Pakistan.

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