RoboTech Society organizes robotics competition

Sachal Nadeem 

The RoboTech Society with sponsorship from Al-Haramain Travel and Tourism Pvt. Ltd organized a robotics contest named as “All Pakistan RoboThon 2020” on November 5, 2020. Students from universities such as Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology (PAF-KIET), Lahore Garrison University (LGU), University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore (UET), University of Management & Technology, Lahore (UMT) etc. participated and won cash prizes up to 11,500 PKR.

The participants competed in six modules which included Line Following Robot, Robo-Sumo War, RC Car Race, Robo Arm, Speed Programming, and Logic and Circuit Designing. Team Techno-Crats (PAF-KIET), Team GEARS-6(LGU), Team Hitmen (UET), Team Codename (IET, UET) and Team Warriors (UMT) were winners in Module Line Following Robot, Robo-Sumo War, RC Car Race, Robo Arm, Speed Programming and Logic & Circuit Designing respectively.

Ma’am Ammara Awais (Director, OSA) was the chief guest of this event. She appreciated the efforts of the hierarchy for conducting such as a successful contest. Mr. Omer Khan (Lecturer, DEE), Mr. Umair Tahir (Lecturer, DEE), Mr. Omer Azeem (Lecturer, DEE) and Mr. Raheel Muzammil (Assistant Professor, DEE) adjudicated this RoboThon.

Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran (Rector) and Dr. Obaid bin Zakriya (Vice Chancellor) also came to observe the performance of the students. Mr. Qasim Ishan (In charge Club & Societies) distributed shields to the winners and runners-up to acknowledge their efforts.

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