Research Centres

Molecular Medicine

During the last three decades, the discipline of molecular and cellular biology has expanded phenomenally in scope and in-depth. New knowledge in the field, mainly acquired through a multidisciplinary approach and experimental research, has made it possible not only to unravel living processes in health and disease from molecular to organismal level but also to introduce novel and more effective therapeutic and diagnostic tools in medical practice.

In line with the policy of the University of Lahore to develop high-quality expertise and manpower in emerging areas of biomedical sciences, a Centre for Research in Molecular Medicine was initiated in April 2009. The Centre represents a major investment and a bold initiative by the University in the field of life sciences and human health. A covered area of approximately 9,000 sq feet was allocated to the Centre at the University’s new campus adjacent to the University College of Medicine, to develop purpose-built teaching and research laboratories with state-of-the-art facilities.

The Centre draws resources from other academic units of the University as well, such as the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Department of Pharmacy, the University College of Medicine, and the Department of Information Technology.

The Centre also has close collaboration in relevant areas with other reputable institutions within and outside the country.

Mission Statment

● Foster professional and intellectual development of scholars and faculty members at all levels. Place major emphasis on the quality of the postgraduate program leading to a Ph.D.
● Undertake basic research in areas of national importance in the sectors of biomedical sciences and health.
● Actively interact and collaborate in research and higher training with other relevant institutions within and outside the country.
● Promote research interaction with public agencies and industry through outreach and scientific leadership.
● Organize symposia, seminars, and special lectures in relevant disciplines at national and international levels.