Research at UOL

Research at the University of Lahore is organized according to 11 departments. These departments bring together different research structures (joint research units, hosting teams, platforms, etc.) all dedicated to one scientific discipline: Human knowledge through analysis, innovation, and insight.

Agri-Biotechnology Park

Agri-bio technology facility was established at the University of Lahore for teaching and research in the year 2013. During this period, the facility has come of age and now comprises three greenhouses, cactus garden, tissue culture lab, and chemical biology lab. Recently a full crop of off-season tomatoes has been harvested. 

Furthermore, an economically important plant (Stevia) has been grown by tissue culture in large quantities. As a result, an agreement has been drawn for supplying 50,000 plants to local commercial growers. This plant is used as zero-calorie sweeteners in a large number of preparations. Using similar tissue culture techniques, a number of food crops such as potato cultivar and flowering plants such as carnation and Lilium.

Vaccines and Antisera

Immuno-Prophylaxis & Immuno-Diagnostic

Recently the livestock sector has emerged as a priority sector. Livestock has been subsistence sector dominated by smallholders to meet their needs of milk, food, and cash income on a daily basis. In the rural areas, livestock is considered as a more secure source of income for the small farmers and landless poor’s.

It has become an important source of employment generation in rural areas. The poverty incidence in Pakistan is determined by income variability and thus livestock is the best hope for poverty reduction as it can uplift the socio-economic conditions of our rural masses.

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Molecular Medicine

During the last three decades, the discipline of molecular and cellular biology has expanded phenomenally in scope and in-depth. New knowledge in the field, mainly acquired through a multidisciplinary approach and experimental research, has made it possible not only to unravel living processes in health and disease from molecular to organismal level but also to introduce novel and more effective therapeutic and diagnostic tools in medical practice.

In line with the policy of the University of Lahore to develop high-quality expertise and manpower in emerging areas of biomedical sciences, a Centre for Research in Molecular Medicine was initiated in April 2009

Radiology Research

There are four major divisions in medical imaging (Radiological Sciences) Diagnostic Radiography, Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine, and Radiation Therapy. Now a day’s Medical Imaging relies heavily on computer-controlled equipment with image productions and processing emphasizing new techniques i.e. digital image processing, picture archiving & communication system (PACS).

The Park Targets

  • Optimization & establishment of Plant cell & tissue culture laboratory
  • Establishment of “Chemical Biology” laboratory for Hi-tech research in medicinal plants for their health potential.
  • Establishment of “Agri biotechnology Park” for different research and commercial projects
  • Conservation of rare Cacti germplasm from Pakistan.