Travel Grants


No. Name Department Paper Name Conference Name
1 Ibrar Hussain CS & IT The role of information and innovative Technology for Rehabilitation of Children with Autism: A systematic Literature Review 17th International Conference on Computational Science and its Applications (ICCSA 2017)
2 Nadeem Ahmad CS & IT Personality Assessment using Twitter Tweets 21st International Conference on Knowledge-Based and Intelligent Information & Engineering System.
3 Dr.Nawaz Ahmed Economics Ethnic diversity stressful living environment and international trade nexus 40th International Academic Conference, Stockholm in Stockholm,
4 Zaheer Anwar LBS Does sharia screening affect payout behaviors? First international conference of world academy of Islamic management Malaysia
5 Dr Farooq LBS Linking auttentic and shared leadership through sequential mediation model evidence from police department TIIM Technology, Innovation and Industrial Management International Conference 2018 in Italy
6 Mr. Muhammad Sheeraz LBS What I am, What I want to be: The role of self-Congruence Facets and Brand Experience in Consumer’s Presentation Towards Happiness Emerging trends in marketing and management (ETIMM) International conference in Bucharest, Romania
 7 Nasir Khan  EE Photo Detector based indoor positioning system varients International symposium on advanced Electrical and communication technologies 21-23 November ISAECT 19, Morocco
 8 Dr.Ali Raza  EE Design and implementation of TCSC fo 500kv  power transmission system 4th international conference on recent trends  in computer science and Electronics  03-06, January 2019 USA
 9 Inam-ul-haq  LBS Perceived threads of terrorism and quality of work life :moderating effect of CSE International Research Conference on Business,economies and Social Sciences,IRC-2018 28-31 December 2018 Manchester, England.


No. Name Department Paper Title Conference Name & Place
1 Mr. Abdul Razaq IMBB Isolation and characterization of processes enzyme for debarring of animal skin and hides. International conference on Bio Science and Biotechnology 2017
Sri Lanka
2 Dr. Syed Kuhram Shahzad CS & It Privacy Agents for lot- cloud communication 2nd international conference on internet of things, big data and security
3 Hisham Khlail Technology Design of Waveguide Slot Array to Generate Sum and Difference Pattern for Synthetic Aperture Radar. Progress in electro-magnetics research
4 Dr. Arfan Ali IMBB Salt tolerance of Potato genetically engineered with artiplex canescenes BADH Gene Driven by 3Copies of CAMV35S Promoter. 15th world congress on biotechnology and bi-tech industries.
5 M. waseem Iqbal CS & It Usability evaluation of adaptive features in smartphones KES2017 21st international conference on knowledge-base and intelligent information & engineering system.
6 Nasir Khan EE Link adaption for maximizing MI of hybrid optical/rf communication system 12th international conference future networks and communications.
7 Sana Javaid IMBB Antigenic and Anti-Oxidative Enzyme Profile of Renal cell Carcinomas In Pakistani Population. 3RD Asia international conference on innovation in chemical agriculture biological and Environmental Sciences.UAE
8 M. waseem Iqbal CS & It Usability evaluation of adaptive features in smartphones KES2017 21st international conference on knowledge-base and intelligent information & engineering system.
9 Nasir Khan EE Link adaption for maximizing MI of hybrid optical/rf communication system 12th international conference future networks and communications.
10 Sana Javaid IMBB Antigenic and Anti-oxidative Enzyme Profile of Renal cell Carcinomas In Pakistani Population. 3RD Asia international conference on innovation in chemical agriculture biological and Environmental Sciences.UAE
11 Dr Atif Mahmood LBS Internal marketing and employee job satisfaction a cross cultural perspective from British and Pakistan HE Academy of marketing conference 2017. university of HULL,
12 M. Usman Gul Technology Modelling & simulation of nonlinear dynamics of priodic pacemaker using bond grapgh techniques. IEEE 3RD International conference on engineering technology and social sciences.
13 Mr. Zulifqar Ali Civil Engineering Performance analysis of statistical pattern recognition method in Keel Performance analysis of statistical pattern recognition method in Keel. France.
14 Dr.Javed Anjum Sheikh CS & It Using Heuristic Evaluation to enhance the usability: A Model for illiterate Farmers in Pakistan. 8th international conference on applied human factors and ergonomics.
15 Mr. Abdul Razaq IMBB Identification and differentiation among different meat special using PCR/RFIT techniques 2nd international congress and expo on biotechnology and bio-engineering. Spain.
16 Noor Hayat SOCA Farming Analysis on Indian claim on surgical strikes against terrorists in Pakistan through the lens of Pak-India press. Second international conference on communication and media studies. Canada
17 M. Javed Afzal Physics Fluidic Simulation and Analysis of three different nano sized micro-channels for Biomedical Applications IEEE 3M – Nano 2017 international committee.
18 Ramiz ur rehman LBS Cross country analysis of pension fund ICSABE 2017:International conference on social sciences ,literature, economics, and education 2017
19 Muhamad Arshad LBS 3rd ASIA International Conference 2017. Impact of perceived intrinsic and extrinsic reward on individuals’ Entrepreneurial Intention: A comparative study on male and female graduates. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
20 Iram Noreen Software Engineering A Review of path smoothness approaches for non-holonomic mobile robots. IEEE Computing Conference 2018
21 Umar Ramzan LBS The influence of SMS marketing on consumers purchase intension through consumer attitude The 2018 ICBTS international academic multidisciplinary research conference at London UK
22 Rabia Qusien School of creative art A quest of green: analysis of climate change communication in Pakistani Ads. World symposium on climate change communication .
Graz Australia
23 Kamran Iqbal Management Sciences How dose psychological capital influence OCB? The mediating role of psychological well-being Global Conference on Business Management and Economics-GCBME 2018 in Canada.
24 Dr.Inam ul Haq LBS Combines effects of perceived threat of terrorism, psycap, negative effectively on job outcomes 78th annual meeting of the academy of management
25 Syed Zain LBS The impact of good corporate governance on firms financial performance in relation to earning management International conference on empirical economics and social sciences
26 Dr.Atif Mehmood LBS Exploring the mediating effect of employee empowerment in the relationship of internal marketing practices and employee job satisfaction. A cross cultural study of UK-Pakistani Higher education institutions Academy of Marketing Conference
27 Anser Mahmood English Language and Literature Human behavior is innate to man as man; Shakespear’s art of characterization with reference ti Macbeth. 20th annual British Graduate Shakespeare Conference Strafford-upon-Avon
28 Muhammad Javed Afzal Physics Study of charging the smart phone by human movements by using MATLAB fuzzy, Techniques. ECTI-con IEEE-2018
29 Hisham Khlail Technology Nose-Cone Confimal antena Array design for x band Radar Application Progress in electro-magnetics research
30 Ishtiaq Ahmad EE An optimized hybrid beam forming for mili meter wave MU Massive Mimo System 4th international conference on green computing and engineering technologies
 31 Khalid Farooq Akbar Botany Dep Sargodha Campus Integration of Ecosystem Service Approach in National Highways Planning and Development in Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges IENE Conference 2018
Netherlands. 11-14 Sep. 2018
 32 Muhammad Naveed LBS Impact of religiosity on Cost of debt and Credit risk: Evidence from BRICS Countries  5th International research GSOM emerging market conference October 04-06, 2018 Russia
 33 Zaheer Anwar Lahore centre of excellence in islamic banking and finance Does islamic screening affect corporate governance? 1st global conference on islamic economics and finance October 24-25, 2018 Malaysia 
 34 Sania Munir SISS   Anti-women Practices law in Pakistan: Current realities Strategies and Challenges International conference on Gender studies, 04-05 October, 2018 
 35 Bushra Nawaz English Linguistic variation as marker of regional identity A socio-linguistic prospective   LASTE-International Conference on
 language studies 
Translation and Education. 15-15 November, Turkey
 36 Aqsa LBS Roles of the Organizational Politics Perception and needs satisfaction in the political skill-Proactive work behavior Relationship: Test of Moderated Mediation Model 2018 Meeting of Southern Management Association 06-10, November 2018
 37 Umer Razwan LBS  Examining the impact of online engagement on entrepreneurial intension through  General and domain Attitude  A multi mediation study 5th academic international 
conference on law and finance 03-05 December 2018, UK
 38 Nasir Khan EE Efficient energy utilization in wireless sensor network and algorithum 4th international conference on recent trends in computer science and Electronics 3-6 Jan, 2019 (Honolulu) USA
 39 M.Usman Gull Technology  A Practical Method for Equivalencing of a large wind farm with Multiple Turbine Representation “IEEE Power & Energy
Society (PES) and IEEE Power Electronics Society (PELS) Malaysia” 03-04 December, 2018
 40 Syed Shehbaz Ali Physics  Fabrication, Structural and magnetic properties of one dimensional anti-ferromagnetic FeMn nan structures 2019 joint MMM-Intermag conference 
Washington DC, 11-15 January 2019,  USA
41 Dr.Tayyaba Azhar UCMD Self-directed learning readiness and its impact on PBL performance  APMEC 2019 Asia Pacific Medical Conference Singapore 2019, Singapore
 42 Amir Shehzad ME  Auto Merlin Mobile Robot’s Bilateral Tele control With Random Delay 4th International conference on REcent trends in computer science and electronics (RTCSE) 03-06th January, 2019 Hawaii, Honolulu
 43 M.Usman Butt ME Converting an automobile turbocharger into a micro gas turbine ICPEME Feb 16 to 19, 2019
 44 Farooq Anwer  LBS Laissez faire leadership and burnout; exploring the mediating role of job hindrances  44th International research Conference on Business, Economics and Social Sciences IRC 2019, California 25-28 FEB, 2019


No. Name Department Subject
1 Dr. Roquyya Gul
Mr. Umair Hanif
Mr. Asad Ali
Mr. Syed Shoaib Ahmed
IMBB 6th international Symposium-cum-training courses on Molecular medicine and drug research.
2 Syed Irtiza Hassan CS&IT Eliciting theory for software maintenance SLA management frame work.
3 Hisham Khalil Technology 39th progress in electromagnetics research symposium 2017
4 Tabassum Saba English Language and Literature 3rd International Conference of the Linguistic Association of Pakistan, 2017.
5 Samia Tariq Civil engineering Influence of glass and ceramic tile wastes on the properties of concrete.
6 Dr Kashif Barkat Pharmacy ICRIPS 2027 International conference in Islamabad Pakistan
7 Qaisar Manzoor Chemistry Attend symposium on nanotechnology in Nibge
8 Dr Ashraf Shaikh Technology Present a research paper in an international conference in
9 Muhammad Nasir Khan EE 12th international conference future networks and communications. Belgium.
10 Arooj Arshad School of Crative Art 2nd international conference on Dynamic Innovation (ICD,2017)
11 Dr.Aamer M.Qazi
Rameez Hassan
Dr Muhammad Javaid Tahir
IMBB 11TH International Biennial Conference of Pakistan society of microbiology (PSM)
12 Dr Faisal Gulzar Pharmacy 1st international conference on advances in drug delivery and development (ICAD3)
13 Dr Kashif Barkat Pharmacy NARC 2018 International conference in Islamabad Pakistan
14 Dr Faisal Gulzar Pharmacy Participating in ICAD3 2018 International conference in Islamabad, Pakistan
15 Dr Samia Sarmad Physical Therapy International health conference in 2018 ,foundation university Islamabad on behalf of university of Lahore
16 Dr.M.Azam Economics 2nd International conference on emerging research for sustainable economics department
17 Dr.Tayyaba College of Medicine & Dentistry OTTAW-ICME 2018 Conference in ABU-DHABI ,UAE
18 Dr.Kinza Aslam College of Medicine & Dentistry OTTAW-ICME 2018 Conference in ABU-DHABI ,UAE
19 Dr.M.Salman Bashir UIPT-FAHS Participating in the workshop on Injection Therapy PSRD
20 Nimra Munir Education 16th International conference on statistical science
21 Iftikhar Ahmed Education 16th International conference on statistical science
22 Kamran Iqbal Management sciences Workshop on research advances in organizational behavior and HR
23 Nayyer Hussain English Language and Literature A comparative study of English teachers formal professional development in public and private sectors …
24 Zaheer Anwer LBS 3rd Islamic Finance Banking & Business Ethics Global Conference
25 Faisal Gulzar Pharmacy Annual cancer congress
26 Hisham Khalil Technology Financial assistant for paper presentation
27 Dr. M. Asim Faheem LBS How workplace spritually enhance job outcome:
28 Aysha Shaukat UIRSMIT-FAHS European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO) Academy 2018
Oxford University
29 Dr. Shahid Bashir DDNS Workshop on handson training of Microneutrients Fortification for Food Industry Peshawer
30 Dr. Aamer M Qazi IMBB National Conference on Emerging trends in bioinformatics
Hazara University, Mansehra.
31 Bushra Nawaz UINDS 4th International conference on the Linguistic Association of Pakistan
18-20 Oct. Rawalpindi
32 Dr. Syed Amir Gillani FAHS 4th World congress on Medical Imaging and Clinical Research (September 03-05, 2018)
33 Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad UIPT-FAHS 12th International Congress-2018 03-05 Oct, 2018
 34 Kausar Abbas LBS Pakpattan Ankara Tukey 8th OCT 2018
 35 Tabbasum Saba English Language and Literature 4th International conference on the Linguistic Association of Pakistan
18-20 Oct. Rawalpindi
 36 Faiza Anum   English Language and literature 4th International conference on the Linguistic Association of Pakistan
18-20 Oct. Rawalpindi
 37 Sania Munir  SISS CPEC: The Nexus for Social Transformation in Pakistan”
New Silk Road and Chinese Overseas in Southeast Asia: Investments, Transactional Connections and Cultural Identities 20-21 Oct, 2018
38  Memona Mumtaz Physics International Comference on recent advances in medical and health sciences (ICRAMHS) 14-15 November 2018, Dubai UAE
 39 Hashim Khalil Technology 2018 International conference on innovation and intelligence for informatics, computing, and technologies (3ICT’18) Bahrain
 40 Shahneela Tariq SISS  Public international Law course by the Hague Academy of International law Amstredam, Netherlands
 41 M Riaz
M Murtaza
Iftkhar Ahmed
Library PLC 3rd National Convention at Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture Univeristy Rawalpindi 11 to 12, 2019
 42 Rameez ur Rehman LBS 34th annual conference of Pakistan Socirty Development Economist being held on 12th to 14th December Islamabad.
 43 Dr.Zaheer Anwar Islamic Finance International Symposium of Islam and Economics arranged by Istanbul University, Turkey
 44 Umer Khan UIRSMIT-FAHS 3rd International Symposium on Advances in molecular biology of plants and health sciences
 45 Hina Nasir English Language and Literature 5th international conference: Women Empowerment 15th December Karachi