Role, Vision & Objective


The role of ORIC is to cater the needs of surrounding areas when planning for research in local labor, raw materials, skills, clusters and opportunities.

ORIC is spreading awareness to teachers and students regarding scholarships, managing travel and research grants from in and out sources about conferences, workshops, seminars and research activities.

ORIC has remained in touch with each individual and trying to solve his / her problems regarding research activities, lab instruments, chemicals, other aids, interdisciplinary collaboration, business plan and entrepreneurial activities, collaborations with others business plan and entrepreneurship activities.

Vision Statement

“The office’s vision is to enable and lead Pakistan’s transformation to a knowledge-based economy dependent upon innovation and entrepreneurship.”


“Grow our research and economic development efforts and output as to improve our industry competitiveness using university innovations and becoming the driving force behind research and economic development for Pakistan. Induce sense of motivation regarding research culture activities among all the faculty members of the University of Lahore. Give awareness the latest information of technology, scholarship, workshop, seminar etc. and funding agencies to teachers and students.”