Research Projects


Sr./ case # Author Name Department Projects Title
1 Sana Javad Awan IMBB Liver micro-environment augments the differentiation of BM-MSCs toward hepatic like cells
2 Abdul Hanan ELECTRONICS Electrical Engineering RH RoBo (first version)
3 Dr.Amir khan Mechanical Engineering Development of a modular intelligent wheel chair
4 Dr.Usman Butt Mechanical Engineering Design and development of turbocharger based micro gas turbine for propulsion and decentralized power generation
 5 Arooj Arshad   SOCA  Media and Mental health literacy in Pakistan: do mediated interventions enhance mental health awareness? Implications for PEMRA and Policy Maker
6 Shaista Javaid  IMBB Diversity analysis of begomovirus complex in Pakistan to develop a strategy for the control cotton leaf curl disease


No. Name Department Projects Title Project Category
1 Dr.Kashif Barkat Pharmacy Fabrication of Nano sized smart gels for colorectal carcinoma NRPU
2 Dr.Aamer Qazi IMBB Development of monoclonal antibody for ELISA based immunodiagnostics NRPU
3 Dr.Madeeha Afzal IMBB Genetic basis of antibiotic resistance in mycobacterium tuberculosis Start up
4 Asma Ahmed IMBB Isolation, purification and partial characterization of tyrosinase form bacterial source Start up
5 Saba Shamim IMBB Isolation and molecular characterization of zinc nickel and copper resistant bacteria from industrial effluents and its potential role as biosensor to screen heavy metals in the environment Start up
6 Mohammad Aamir Khan Mechanical Engineering Development of modular plugin hybrid electric powertrain prototype with scalability for light duty vehicles (myprid) Technology Development Fund
7 Dr. Amir Shahzad Mechanical Engineering Development of a homogeneous team of teleported mobile robots. Start up
8 Ms.Nosheen Physics Study of solution of some integral models with numerical simulation Start up
9 Dr.Ghalib ul Islam Physics Design and Simulation of High Frequency Klystron for Linear Accelerator. Start up
10 Dr.Ambreen Aslam Environmental
Carbon sequestration through Indigenous Microalgae species to combat climate change in Pakistan Start up
 11 Dr.Fatima Ali  IMBB Therapeutic efficacy of preconditioned bone marrow stem cells in cutaneous wound healing   NRPU
 12 Hamza Naeem  Physics Development of image guided techniques for proton therapy   Start up
 13 Madeeha Fayyaz  IMBB Isolation and characterization of anti-bacterial peptides and polypeptides from plant sources for their therapeutic uses  Start up



No. Author Name Department Projects Title Donor Agencies
1 Abdul Rehman EE Control of computer vision robot Ignite + MITT
2 Abdul Rehman EE Load sharing in DC microgrid using current and voltage comtrol loop Ignite + MITT
3 Ch.Talha Hasan EE IOT Based monitoring system in smart agriculture Ignite + MITT
4 Salman Ayub Computer Engineering Controlling the movement of wheel chair through the EEG Signals Ignite + MITT
5 Fazal e Aleem Physics Design and contsruction of photocatalytic materials for efficient hydrogent generation PSF
 6 Dr.Usman Butt  ME Investigation and optimization of flow control method Tubercles for wind turbi   DAAD, GermanyProject