NISA Society Arranges Breast Cancer Seminar

Aiming to increase public awareness on breast cancer as well as promoting women health in Pakistan, the new hierarchy of Nisa Society in collaboration with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMH) hosted the Breast Cancer Seminar on October 17, 2019 at the Defence Road Campus.
While facilitating as special guests, Dr. Affifa Arshad (Medical Officer at SKMH), Dr. Masroor Lodhi (Regional Manager at SKMH) and Dr. Faiza Shareef (Coordinator UIPT) highlighted the extent of risks faced by women in contracting breast cancer.  “One in every 8 women, has a chance of developing breast cancer and its incidence rate increases each year,” said Dr Affifa, adding thus; “…this alarming increase in the rate, is the reason why Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital organizes these seminars each year to spread the message and perform their duty towards society.”
She spoke enthusiastically about the incidence, treatment, risk factors, and precautions of breast cancer to an audience that was dominated by the female students of the University. She explained how so many patients at their hospital had let their disease progress to such a great stage only due to the fact that “Breast Cancer” was a taboo. “Negligence and unawareness is the reason why Pakistan has the highest rate of breast cancer than any other Asian country. “But it is curable and I encourage the students to seek medical attention as soon as possible if such doubts arise,” she added.
The new hierarchy of the NISA, smoothly managed this seminar which was concluded with the distribution of shields to the chief guests and to the former presidents of NISA, the UOL.
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