LBS Allied Cluster Organizes Multiple Skill Development Sessions

Allied Cluster at the Lahore Business School organized multiple skill development sessions for the final year students of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in the month of October, 2019 at the Defence Road Campus.
The first session on “The Art of Self-Reflection” was facilitated by Mr. Qasim Khan (Founder & Director of Adventure Travel Pakistan) on October 8, 2019. He observed that self-reflection is an act or a process where people can disconnect themselves from the world and introspect their actions, thoughts, priorities, and aspirations to become a better human being.  “To some, it might seem  a regular day-dreaming session but in my opinion, it is one of the best ways to learn about yourself. If performed correctly and regularly, self-reflection can help you grow — both professionally and personally and enrich your life by leaps and bounds,” he added.
He explained that people put so much thought and energy on other things and forget to focus on their personal growth that can only be elevated by examining their thoughts, feelings, and actions. He also shared his own journey of success that inspired the audience of students.  He also discussed the  role of government in supporting tourism in Pakistan and the challenges that travel agents face.
Rizwan Naeem addressed students on “Self-Motivation”
The second session on “Self-Motivation” was organized on October 10, 2019 and Rizwan Naeem (Founder, Khalis Food Market) was the key speaker. As an entrepreneur, he shared  how he started his business with just Rs. 23,000 that turned out to be a great success. He encouraged students to think out of the box saying, “Money is not the only ingredient in achieving your goals, sometimes it’s the difference in your thinking”. He enlightened the students about his daily routine including how many hours he works in a day and how he plans his negotiations before hand in order to have a better edge. Mr. Naeem is currently facilitating one of the students who  decided to open up a restaurant with food and the planning bit.
Amna Mufti handled “bridging the communication gap”
Another session arranged on October 22, 2019 centered on “Bridging the Communication Gap” and Amna Mufti (a Screenplay Writer, Author and Novelist) was the key speaker. She discussed the salient features of effective communication campaign, marketing program or a simple email or letter which included the subject of communication, purpose, intended feedback and call to action.
Using the question-answer approach, Ms. Mufti was able to address all the queries of students on bridging the communication gap. She advised students to choose paths that are less travelled by the majority. “Try to be unique and don’t be mediocre. You should strive to have an outstanding edge to differentiate yourself from the crowd,” she added.
All the sessions ended with interactive question-answer sessions followed by the shields’ presentation to the guests by Ms. Maliha Barry (former Program Manager LBS) and Ms. Aisha Kashif (Cluster Head of Allied Courses)




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