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Faculty of Social Sciences


Faculty of Social Sciences at UoL aims to provide high international mobility rates. Each year it welcomes a lot of international students from all over the world. Currently, the Faculty hosts more than 1500 full-time students.

The Faculty is divided into four departments. Each of them is responsible for teaching and research in one of the four main subject areas cultivated at the Faculty – Islamic Studies, Economics, Social Sciences, and Education.


Pro Rector's Message

The Faculty of Social Sciences is one of 11 faculties at the University of Lahore. It engages in both research and teaching, which are considered integral constituents of higher education. The Faculty is a place of tertiary and continuing education, allowing students to specialize in various disciplines and thematic areas. Engaging in analyses of the structures and problems of contemporary societies is key to research at the Faculty.

The Faculty’s research contributes significantly to finding answers to academic questions of high social relevance and fulfilling the social function and responsibility of both the University and science in general.

Dean's Message

Faculty engages in well-established intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary research areas and innovative multidisciplinary research, cooperating across different subjects within the Faculty, as well as with other faculties and international, national and local research institutions. Pursuing critical reflection on present-day society’s structure and problems are among the guiding principles of its research activities.

Students of the Faculty of Social Sciences study in bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in Islamic Studies, Economics, Social Sciences, and Education. Check out our departmental websites if you are interested in any of these programs and see what the University of Lahore has to offer in these areas.  

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