The University of Lahore

Faculty of Law


At UoL’s Faculty of Law, we attract exceptional students from Pakistan and have an internationally respected scholar faculty. Our strong links to the practicing profession mean you will learn from barristers, judges, and solicitors.

The Faculty has made a vital contribution to Pakistan’s judiciary, politics, and public life. Our reputation, rankings, notable alumni, law degrees, and excellent scholarships make us the place of choice to study law.

Pro Rector's Message

We affirm our students a place in the legal education program to build their knowledge, experience, and confidence. When you join the Faculty of Law at UoL, you will have the opportunity to provide expert legal advice.

Our alumni enjoy fulfilling and successful careers in a wide range of sectors. We offer specialized services to help students achieve their career aspirations and work proactively with employers to create opportunities exclusively for our students.

Dean's Message

Law is a field in a state of continuous growth, given the constant shifts in the mindsets and opinions everywhere the world. Given its fluidity, it becomes a highly competitive field. The talent does not come naturally; instead, they have to be acquired through the legal knowledge gained through education.

Faculty of Law aims to give this knowledge to young minds if they seek to pursue a legal career. Pakistan’s legal society is significant. Only the most hardworking and able-minded prevail over the others, and for them, there are no limits to what they can achieve through this profession.

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