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Faculty of Languages & Literature


We offer a broad scope of language courses. Go along with us to find the world’s societies and turn into an actual global citizen. We lead in the instruction and exploration of dialects. Our language contributions coordinate social comprehension to give profundity and expansiveness to the learning experience.

With Pakistan’s growing diversity, we outfit our students with culturally diverse and semantic competency and empower them to become productive and mindful residents of the nation and our interconnected world. Find how you can make your next stride in language studies at the University of Lahore.

Pro Rector's Message

Languages and literature are two areas of study that go hand-in-hand. One must know a language to study its literature.

We pride ourselves in equipping our students with the analytical tools to engage critically in the global exchange of ideas. Our education program opens you to various scope of societies, chronicles, and ways of thinking. Our language projects will prepare you to travel, convey, and function as a worldwide resident.

In the entirety of our exploration, we’re focused on delivering exceptional yields, to producing high public impact and significant social engagement. If you are thinking of studying in languages and literature the faculty at the University of Lahore is committed to providing you world-class resources.


Dean's Message

The University of Lahore’s Faculty of languages and literature offers degrees that incorporate history, sociology, philosophy, critical thinking, and visual culture.  We teach students in proper context and provide an understanding of how societies create art and how ideas in great works of writing can create profound changes in society.

Most degrees also include an element of critical analysis, which is invaluable; students take ideas from philosophers and critics and learn how to apply them not only to texts but to the societies which created them, including their own. By the end of the degree, you should be able to deconstruct ideas and see how and why they work. You will also have vastly improved your written and spoken communication skills, learned how to put together or make a convincing argument, and have developed the ability to absorb new and complex ideas quickly and effectively.

Apply today and have your creative juices flowing with us.

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