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School of Creative Arts

Where the Dedication and Fire you have for Media, Creativity, and Learning has no Boundaries! We’re proud to have one of   the largest and most innovative Mass Communication and Film and Television programs in Pakistan. This is the time when the old models are collapsing and new electronic paths are being blazed.

But for SOCA, it is the quality of the information being communicated – not the technology – that matters most. SOCA comprises a wide variety of disciplines, starting from the basic perspectives of Mass Media and Communication and then moving onto explore each area of the discipline through broad exposure.

It has media labs equipped with professional cameras, sets, lights & sound system, where students are given in hand training and practice. We have one of the best high quality sound recording studio, highly sophisticated cameras specifically RED camera, audio and video facilities, which are always available for the ongoing projects of the students.

The facilities are designed around the principle that students need maximum exposure to  the equipment to develop the competency required in media production fields. Our vibrant and active faculty of scholars and professionals are passionate advocates to all who wish to learn. Their successes and expertise will help pave the way for you to find your own path with the best training and preparation for productive and responsible careers in the booming fields of mass communication and film & television. We aim to develop versatile and creative media visionaries and leaders, equipped to respond to new situations within an ever-changing and vigorous industry.

We hope is that you will strongly consider joining us as you pursue your Mass Communication and Film and Television degree.

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