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Faculty of Arts & Architecture


Pakistan is a unique place to learn and practice within the fields of art and design, and at UoL,we distinctivelybring these disciplines together. The faculty Arts and Architecture at the University of Lahore offer dedicated studio spaces, leading workshop facilities, on-site technical expertise and a range of local and international study destinations.

Here, students obtain the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in their chosen careers, guided by dedicated staff internationally renowned as scholars and practitioners. Industry partners and professionals support the faculty in its mission to educate the up and coming age of modellers, specialists, artisans of history, scene planners and urban fashioners. The eventual fate of work might be changing, and however, for these professions, there will consistently be a spot.

Look carefully, think strongly, work skillfully, act liberally. Join our lively network and make your future here.

Pro Rector's Message

Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the University of Lahore is a community of curious individuals and skilled problem solvers who care about the impact of our work on people and the complex social challenges we face. 

Through education, expertise, and leadership, the College models excellence in teaching, scholarly and creative research, and performance in the artistic disciplines of architecture and arts.

This is a great time to be a student of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture. By providing hands-on education, real-world practice, and mentoring, we offer students the opportunities they need to grow in their professions and pursue their passions.  Our programs have been renewed to be future-facing, globally relevant and to better prepare students for rapidly changing work environments. They include more opportunities for internships, projects and other work-integrated learning. We welcome you to the dynamic creative atmosphere of the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the University of Lahore. 


Dean's Message

The Faculty of Arts and Architecture at UoL is a challenging and fun place for the students of arts and architecture. It is committed to creating artisans and modelers who will serve the requirements of modern societies.

Our intimate scale encourages personal, viable coaching connections among faculty and students; courses adopt a fair strategy to the art and study of architecture. We hold onto environmental sustainability as a significant aspect of our ethos, and because we understand integrated design processes, our graduates’ enter the profession well prepared.

UoL’s Faculty of Arts and Architecture is positioned among the top institutes of Pakistan for the study of Arts and Architecture.

All our programs are intended for pragmatic individuals who need to drench themselves in an experiential academic way of life. We are captivated by the idea of being able to create space and experience for our students through reason and logic, and I’d like to invite you to check out our courses right now and see what future holds for you at the University of Lahore.

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