Faculty of Allied Health & Sciences

Public Health

The Public Health activities include a wide range of efforts to identify, prevent and combat threats to the health of the community/population.


1. Monitoring the health status of the community.

2. Investigating the epidemics, community based health problems health hazards of flooding and earth quake.

3. To provide awareness and education to the people regarding health issues.

4. Mobilize partnership between public health physicians and public health administrators to solve community problems.

5. To support policy makers & planners for the achievement of public health interventions.

6. To enforce laws, rules & regulations for the public health safety and protection.

7. To make a link between community health workers and the public health physicians.

8. Ensure to hire the skilled and competent public health workforce for educating the educators.

9. To evaluate effectiveness, accessiability and quality of health services.

10. To conduct innovative research and its application.

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