Faculty of Allied Health & Sciences

Optometry & Vision Sciences

DOVS is very fast growing department under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS). The foundation milestone of this department is launching Bachelor of Vision Sciences in UOL. Optometry is an independent primary health care profession that encompasses the prevention and remediation of disorders of the eye and visual-system.

Bachelors of Vision Sciences perform comprehensive examinations of both the internal and external structures of the eye and subjective and objective tests to evaluate patient vision, analyze test findings, and diagnose and manage visual efficiency and eye health. Optometrists also work with other health professionals in co-managing the care of patients.

All optometrists provide general eye and vision care—some through general practice and others through more specialized practice such as contact lenses, geriatrics, low vision services (for visually impaired patients), occupational vision (to protect and preserve workers’ vision and minimize eye strain), pediatrics, sports vision, and vision therapy.

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