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Health Professional Technologies

Department of Health Professional Technologies (DHPT) established in September 2014 under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS).

The foundation milestone of this department is launching four disciplines (BSSLP, BS Audiology, and BSOTT, BSBMET BSOT& MSSLHS) in UOL. BS Audiology deals with hearing, balance related disorders and rehabilitation. BSSLP (BS speech & Language Pathology) deals with communication disorders. BSOT (BS Occupational Therapy) prevent disability. BS-BMET (BS in Bio Medical Engineering Technology) deals with the biological and medical equipment’s calibration , BSOTT (BS in operation Theater Technology) deals with the advance clinical technologies used in Operation Theater.

(BSRT) BS Respiratory Therapy , degree program will cover pulmonary problems, General Respiratory issues, problems in Adult Intensive Care Unit, Neonatal and Pediatric Critical Care Unit, and Sleep respiration issues All these disciplines will increase professionals towards different treatments in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and health care institutes and introduce new advancement of skills with expertise in the old of Rehabilitations. Post- graduates of MS-SLHS will be able to identify, assess, evaluate, manage, treat, educate and help to prevent speech language and hearing and other related communication disorders and swallowing disorders. Degrees are designed to help students to apply principles of evidence-based practice to their clinical services delivery.

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