Faculty of Allied Health & Sciences

Diet & Nutritional Sciences

Numerous disorders ranging from protein energy malnutrition to the specific micronutrient deficiency prevailed in Pakistan.

Nutritional deficiencies have resulted in growth retardation, mental disorders and various types of physical disabilities. Beside, the incidences of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, hypertension and kidney and liver problems are increasing day by day due to unsafe and poor quality diets. This alarming situation demands to cure diseases with food. Realizing the importance of human nutrition in daily life and emergencies like earthquake, drought, famine and man-made disasters, the University Institute of Diet and nutritional Sciences started degree program at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

The aim of the department is to produce manpower in the field of food science and human nutrition which will provide services in health departments, teaching and research, International Organizations, Private Sector, and Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Development Program etc. By consistent emphasis on experiential learning through laboratory studies, research-based learning, debate, and presentations, designed to enhance the student’s critical thinking, communication and collaboration, tackling of ill-defined problems, development of individual learning objectives and self-evaluation of performance.

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