The University of Lahore

Faculty of Allied Health & Sciences


The faculty of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Lahore is home to instructing and research in Medical, Allied Health, and Exercise and Sports Sciences. We endeavour to improve the soundness of the network through greatness in educating and research and the use of new knowledge. Our research is quickly translated to give answers to crucial health problems confronting our locale.

The faculty of Allied Health Sciences UoL offers a differing scope of courses over the wellbeing, clinical, exercise, and sports sciences. Our courses are curated in consultation with practising health experts, and wellbeing associations to guarantee we stay up-to-date with the recent improvements in principle and practice. Students have access to hands-on, pragmatic encounters from the beginning of their course, implying that our graduates get more professional training in business-related and clinical settings through the span of their studies. Along with our top-notch teaching, our globally-recognized research and our world-class facilities, the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences UoL produce competitive alumni who are prepared to offer their services in their picked field.

Pro Rector's Message

The Faculty of Allied Health Sciences is a leader in health science research and education in the health sciences sector of the country.

We are known for excellence. Students are at the center of our education, and people at the center of our research. We provide an engaging and stimulating student-centred education environment, attracting the best students and researchers nationally and internationally. We offer undergraduate and master’s courses and three majors across seven disciplines.

We collaborate with external partners and engage with real-world problems to anticipate the health issues of tomorrow while overcoming the challenges of today. Our high-impact research is acknowledged and translated into practice and policy nationally and internationally. Our graduates are global citizens who solve issues critical to health and wellbeing. We engage in key issues, such as healthcare reform and strive to achieve the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for the whole community.

I encourage you to explore your interest in health sciences and to begin your journey by reviewing the UOL website and learn about the many programs available. I invite every eligible candidate to join UOL, and together we move toward an exciting new era of health education, research, and service.

Dean's Message

Our staff and students strive to improve the lives of others through the provision of world-leading health care. Everything we do at the Faculty of Health Sciences at UoL is guided by the values of excellence, dignity and engagement.

When you study with us, you’ll go beyond the theory.  Many of our courses have a clinical component where you will be able to apply your skills in the real world through professional experience with some of our many partners, or in our health clinics.  Under the guidance of experts in their fields, you’ll deliver health services to students, staff and the wider community.

Join us as students in the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences at the University of Lahore. I am looking forward to welcoming you to join any of our programs, according to your choice, and I assure you our holistic approach to the studies will make you leaders in the allied health profession.