Engineering Student Modifies Wind Machines

Mr. Abdul Waris Hameed, a final year student of Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering was among the young entrepreneurs at the UOL whose startups got international recognition during the LIFT Pakistan 2019 event in Islamabad between November 4 and 8, 2019. His project named Tubercles Wind Turbines (TWTs) was among the top ten projects selected out of  400 presented before national and international investors.
“LIFT Pakistan was a great opportunity for me to learn about SMEs and the process of incubation. Certainly, it was a moment of joy and pride for me when TWT reached the top 10 pitches out of more than 400,” Mr. Hameed said while expressing his joy on behalf of Team TWTs to The Spectacle.
The project which is still in its development phase, is a modification in the conventional Wind Turbines that reduce drag (horizontal force) and increase lift (vertical force). While explaining this technological advance, Mr. Hameed said, “Basically, it is all the same as a conventional wind turbine but with a different blade design. Conventionally, the blades are plain on the edge but TWTs have tubercle structures on the edge that really change dynamics of the system. This development in the blade design can bring about a huge change in the existing technology”.
TWTs come with comparative advantages smaller size as compared to the conventional ones, reduced production cost, stability in turbulent conditions, efficiency at lower wind speeds, and more energy extraction that can be done on a wind farm compared to the conventional wind farms. Ideally, wind turbines convert the energy in wind to electricity by rotating propeller-like blades around a rotor. The rotor turns the drive shaft, which turns an electric generator. Three key factors affect the amount of energy a turbine can harness from the wind: wind speed, air density, and swept area.
According to Hameed, the idea of the tubercle wind turbine has been taken from the fin of the whale. It is a teeth-like structure that helps the huge structure to move swiftly in water. “TWTs is part of a bigger collaborative research and development project of the tubercle Wind Turbines carried out by Prof. Dr. Uwe Ritschel (Chair of wind energy at the University of Rostock, Germany) and Dr. Usman Butt (Assistant Professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department, the UOL,” Hameed added.  Hameed attributes the success of this project to the relentless guidance of the experts on wind energy. “I am really thankful to Dr. Usman for putting his trust in me and allowing me to be the part of this team,” he said.
He is equally thankful to the UOL’s Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) and the entire University senior management for recognizing and appreciating his efforts with a shield and cash prize of PKR 50,000.



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