Dr. Muhammad Farman Publishes Extensively on Biomathematics

Dr. Muhammad Farman (Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics), in the year 2019 alone, has contributed to the academic research domain by publishing more than 10 papers in the area of biomathematics. This is by all standards a significant contribution in the field of science and human health. Dr. Farman, whose research interests include Mathematical Biology, Disease Control (Diabetes, Cancer, AIDS, etc.), Nonlinear Dynamic Finance, Numerical Analysis, and Control Theory, early this year, also presented a research paper on “Controllability and observability of Reduced Model for Artificial Pancreas with Simulations” during the 5th UMT International Conference on Pure and Applied Mathematics.
Dr. Farman is also a reviewer for ISI and IEEE journals that include IEEE Access Journal, Chines Journal of Physics and Multidiscipline Modeling in Materials and Structures. Prominent among his published articles are; Stability Analysis and Control of Fractional Order Diabetes Mellitus Model for Artificial Pancreas, Stability and convergence analysis of smoking impact in society with algorithm impact, A Linear Control of Composite model for Glucose Insulin Glucagon and A Dynamical Transmission with Nonstandard Finite Difference Scheme for Pine Wilt disease published in Punjab University Journal of Mathematics, International Journal of Analysis and Application, Ain Shamas Engineering Journal and International Journal of Advance and Applied Sciences respectively.
Other papers are; A Review on Perovskite Lanthanum Aluminate (LaAlO3): Its Properties and Applications, A Mathematical Analysis and Modeling of Hepatitis B Model with Non-Integer Time Fractional Derivative and Dynamical Behavior of Hepatitis B Fractional-order Model with Modeling and Simulation published in Mater. Res. Express, Communications in Mathematics and Applications and Journal of Biochemical Technology correspondingly.
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