DHPT students enrol in skills enhancement courses supported by Punjab Skills Development Fund

Department Report

Recently, the students of Department of Health Professional Technologies (DHPT) got enrolled in different skill enhancement courses under the supervision of Ms. Maria Shahzadi (Demonstrator DHPT). The courses are under the Punjab Skills Development Fund Program (PSDF) which is one of the major initiatives of the government to facilitate free online courses from one of the notable online platforms for self-learning and skill development named Coursera.

Around 50 students of Biomedical Department (Semesters 1, 2, 4, and 6) got enrolled in different courses under this program to equip themselves with advanced and efficient mode of education and knowledge and to get some real grip of technicalities of the digital facilities.

According to Ms. Shahzadi, the courses will be completed in a period of four months from January to May. After completion of the course, the students will get an official certificate from one of the international universities on the platform of Coursera and a handsome stipend of Rs.6000 from PSDF.

During this tenure, the DHPT students are learning different soft skills including website development, programming, graphic designing basics, app development, and marketing and business tactics. Ms. Shahzadi guided the students throughout the process from providing information about the program’s significance to submitting the proforma and she is still offering guidance to them until completion.

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