Department of English publishes papers, partakes in international conferences

Campus Report

Several faculty from the Department of English Language and Literature (ELL), Sargodha Campus, UOL published multiple papers and presented in different conferences in the year 2020.

The HoD, ELL, Dr. Anser Mehmood presented a research paper titled as “A Correlation Study of English Teachers’ Professional Discerning and their Critical Thinking” in ‘2nd MEC TESOL Conference Emerging Trends and Contemporary Issues in Language Learning: The EFL Context’, organized by Middle East College Sultanate of Oman on October 28, 2020.  The paper highlighted language oriented problems of English teachers with reference to their professional discerning and their critical thinking.

He also presented in an online symposium entitled “1st International Symposium on Applied Linguistics Research” organized by Prince Sultan University College of Humanities Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on November 7, 2020. The title of his paper was “Restructuring of English Curriculum in Saudi Vision 2030 Perspective”. The paper consisted of the findings to frame the upcoming challenges of English language, their solution, and effective implementation through Curriculum for English as a subject and language that needs to be designed and prescribed.

In the month of November, Dr. Mahmood also attended a conference and a symposium entitled “Research into Practice: Evidence-based decision-making in international education” organized by Cambridge Assessment English and “Leading Change in a Post-Covid19 Educational Society” organized by TESOL, Kuwait respectively.

The HoD, ELL also authored four research papers in different journals. In December 2020, he published a paper with the title “Urdu-Medium Learners’ confusions in learning English Past Simple Tense” in ‘Hayatian Journal of Linguistics and Literature’.

Dr. Mahmood along with Mr. Wajid Riaz (Assistant Professor, ELL) published in the journal named “Tahdhb al Afkar” (Y category) with the title “Womanism, Feminism and Islamic Tradition: A Comparative Study of Theoretical perspective” in June 2020. The paper focused on the Islamic approaches in the world of literature, observing women’s issues, particularly in the field of feminism.

They also authored two more papers together in the Journal of Religious Studies (Y category)’ and ‘Hayatian Journal of Linguistics and Literature’ with the titles “Critique of Islam in the Eyes of West in Samira Ahmad’s Internment” and “Re-Colonization of Postcolonial Subject hood: American Culture Industry as a Hegemonic Tool” respectively.

In the month of July 2020, Mr.  Riaz published three papers individually in the Journal of Religious studies, Pakistan Journal of Languages and Translation Studies and Liberal Arts and Social Journal’ titled as “Poetics and Politics: A literary and philological interpretation of Iqbal’s poetry with reference to Indian Nationalism and Muslim Ummah”, “A Subaltern has Spoken?: Self-(Re) orientalism in Atiq Rahimi’s The Patience Stone” and “Facts behind the Traumatic Sexual Oppression in the Novel, I, Tituba Black Witch of Salem by Maryce Conde” respectively.

Ms. Maryam Javed (Lecturer, ELL) published a research paper in December 2020 entitled “Faiqa Mansab’s This House of Clay and Water: The Representations of Transgenders in Heteronormative Pakistani Society” in HEC listed journal Y Category Review of Human Rights.

Lecturers, Mr. Ijaz Hussain and Mr. Ali Furqan Syed co-published a research paper in December 2020 with the title “A Study on effectiveness of online learning System during COVID-19 in Sargodha” in international ISI listed journal International Journal of Language and Literary Studies.

Mrs. Tahseen Fatima (Lecturer) and Mrs. Sadia Naz (Lecturer) co-authored a paper on “Pre-colonial stance in Hanif Kureshi’s My Son the Fanatic in the Journal of World Englishes and Educational Practices (JWEEP).

Mrs. Fatima also published two papers in the Journal of Religious studies in the months of June and December, 2020, with the title “A Critical Study of Jean Paul Sartre’s Ideas in Islamic Perspective” and “Marxist Study of Arundhati Roy’s The Ministry of Utmost Happiness”.

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