CSCL conducts multiple series of soft skills development workshops

Department Report

With the aims to instil essential soft skills and prepare the students for job market, the Department of Career Services and Corporate Linkages (CSCL) conducted series of soft skills development workshops in the months of October and November in the year 2020.

A group of 20 students from various academic backgrounds that include English, Chemistry, Computer Science, DPT, Mathematics, D-Pharm participated in these workshops.

Three hours long, four interactive sessions were conducted by Ali Qaswar Khaleeq (Acting HoD, CSCL), Sarosh Bajwa (Academician and Corporate Trainer, UMT), Amna Kamal (AM , Training and Development, CSCL).

On October 17, 2020, Mr. Khaleeq conducted an interactive session in which various aspects of effective communication skills such as basic communication model, types and categories of communication and 7 C’s of effective communication were discussed. He identified listening as the basic pre-requisite for mastering the art of communication.

The second session for which Mr. Khaleeq and Ms. Bajwa were the two trainers, was held on October 24, 2020. The former focused on public speaking, its definition and types; while the latter centered on problem solving and decision making. Ms. Bajwa’s session was an interactive session in which she deliberated upon the process of troubleshooting and the steps involved in the decision making process.

Ms. Kamal, in the third session which was conducted on October 31, 2020, discussed the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in ensuring a stable and progressive career. In a comparative analysis between EI and intellectual intelligence (IQ), she said, “Although both EQ and IQ are significant, EQ is more important in deciding success in any career”.

Mr. Khaleeq on November 7, 2020 addressed the last session that centered on the impact of volunteerism at the individual, societal, national and global levels. Volunteerism, he said, helps to develop skills, confidence and learning. He identified it as one of the key elements towards advancing a professional career.

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