CS, Majid Razzaq’s innovation solves real estate challenges

The beauty of teaching and learning is usually realized when the learners showcase the products or outcomes of the knowledge and skills taught. Mr. Majid Abdul Razzaq, a final year student of Bachelor of Computer Science (BSCS) and his Flappy Homes startup, are a clear manifestation of effective teaching and learning at the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CS&IT), the University of Lahore. By applying the latest knowledge and skills of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Majid has developed IOS and Android based application which is capable of recommending the desired accommodation facilities to any user.
To him, Flappy Homes is Pakistan’s first ever artificial intelligence based recommendation system which can recommend accommodation based on the users given preferences. “The project is aimed at solving actual world real estate problems which are faced by tenants who are not familiar with area metrics and facilities,” Majid said while explaining the objective of this maiden innovation to The Spectacle.  “The project is not only solving the problems related to tourists, but is also useful for the students and travelers who visit different cities across Pakistan looking for jobs or for study purposes,” he added.
Majid says that his IOS and Android based application requires the user to download the app, fill in the desired options and then the system selects and recommends the most appropriate choices.  “As a computer programmer, it was my utmost desire to think as an entrepreneur and come up with an innovative idea of solving real world accommodation problem,” he said while sharing his comments about the project. He attributes this successful project to Allah’s guidance, commitment, hands-on training from the department and assistance from ORIC and Innovation and Incubation Centre at the UOL.
Flappy Homes selected among the best 10 at the Lift Pakistan 2019
Majid’s Flappy Homes emerged among the best 10 startups during the entrepreneurship change initiative popularly known as Learning Innovation Funding and Technology (LIFT) Pakistan co-hosted by the UOL and JumpStart on November 1-8, 2019 in Lahore and Islamabad. This annual event aims at making a deep impact on the history of the nation’s character building and upbringing of the new ideas from the students. “I am honoured and feeling proud to have my project presented at an international platform,” he said.
During the UOL’s Research Appreciation Ceremony for 2018, Flappy Homes was recognized and appreciated for being the maiden effort in using IA to recommend the best accommodation for people in unfamiliar places within Pakistan. Majid received a certificate, shield and cash prize of PKR 50,000 .
The Head of Computer Science feels proud of the achievement
Dr. Eraj Khan (HoD CS & IT) is happy with Flappy Homes and wants all his students to emulate Mr. Majid’s innovative skills. “I think any idea, research or knowledge which solves a common man’s problem is brilliant and the sole objective of computer science is to make our daily life easy. I am extremely happy that Mr. Majid has truly assimilated the purpose of his degree and I would love other students to follow his footsteps,” Dr. Khan said.


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