CS & IT Dept. launches digital platform to manage student projects

Umbreen Fatima

At the beginning of Fall Semester, the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology (CS & IT) launched final year project (FYP) Management System with the aim to digitalize the manual process of final year students’ projects.

The FYP system is a web portal that digitalizes the selection, monitoring and evaluation process of the final year students’ projects. It keeps the record of projects and allows both, students and teachers, to upload their ideas or comments. This portal also displays the progress of the student and enables the supervisors to monitor or review it online. The system allows both ORIC and QEC to monitor departments’ output on students’ projects and research.

Adeel Ishaq (Senior Software Engineer, CS & IT) developed this portal under the supervision of Dr. Mudasser Naseer (Associate Professor, CS & IT) and Dr. Muhammad Atif (HoD CS & IT).

Initially, it was being piloted in a few departments that include: CS & IT, Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Technology and Mechanical Engineering. The system will soon be deployed in the entire university after the feedback of the aforementioned departments.

The HoD CS &IT presented an overview of this system to the departments and gave training to their concerned staff members.

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