CS graduate, Usama Ashraf develops an App to make travelling affordable, safe and easy

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Mr. Usama Ashraf joined the University of Lahore way back in 2011 to pursue his passion dream of Computer Science. Despite the ruggedness of the road to where he is today, he never lost hope and dedicatedly surmounted all obstacles.

“I had several challenges in understanding complex concepts of programming but, the goal before me, kept me moving. Graphics designing used to be my career dream especially when I fared badly in programming. I had sleepless nights doing my research and coding”, he recalls the early days of his degree program at UOL.

Isolating himself from friends and teachers was about to curtail his academic career. It only required one step nearby to untangle or clear the mess. “When things became real tough, I approached my teachers and started to hold academic discussions with my colleagues. The teachers and my closest friends taught me how to convert complexity into simple and implementable solutions”, he adds.

After graduation, Mr. Ashraf started entered the industry as an intern. The competitive internship placement enabled him to build rare skills that were helpful later. After one year of vigorous working experience in the Information Technology (IT), he started his own software house in 2017. It’s been almost three years plus that he has been providing solutions to big companies all over the world.

The genesis of his current achievement—Carpoolyn App

“During my casual interactions with my classmates, I realized that one of their major setbacks was commuting from home or hostels to the University. Several were finding daily transport expenses a huge burden. Some students with own cars also wished to share their rides with others but were unable. Even the fuel at times could become a hindrance”, he said.

The real idea of the digital APP, came out of a colleague who used to share his ride with friends and they would then mutually share the fuel cost. “This was the time when the idea of Carpoolyn hit my mind”, he revealed.

With the aim to reduce the commuting cost, traffic, and transit time plus air pollution in Pakistan, Mr. Ashraf developed Carpoolyn with the help of a great team to facilitate the people of the country.

Carpoolyn appears to be Pakistan’s 1st carpooling (ride-sharing) application that connects the drivers with empty seats in their passenger cars. “The APP makes traveling accessible, affordable and reliable for everyone across Pakistan”, he says. “You can mutually decide the cost-contribution per seat and make your daily or even occasional travel social economical”, he adds.

This App was launched on December 19, 2020, till now this app has received good user response. “As of now, the number of users is growing. There are almost 120 Verified Daily Routine Carpoolers who are posting rides on and off as per their schedules and 600+ Passengers users”, Mr. Ashraf revealed while speaking to The Spectacle recently.

It is always a proud moment for Mr. Asraf, when people use the App to travel to their universities, office, or their favorite holiday spots in an economical way.

He feels proud and satisfied because he is able to pay back to his teachers, parents and everyone who supported him in achieving his goals.

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