Conducting Labs Under OBE Systems

Mechanical Engineering Department at UoL is ever evolving in a better shape under the dynamic leadership and vision of HoD Prof. Dr. Salim Abid Tabassum. Among academicians he is renowned figure for developing educational systems and OBE implementation. He has taken drastic steps for re-organizing Mechanical Engineering Department and evolving improved mechanisms in every segment of educational process.
Under his guidance Assistant Professor Imran Afzal Mughal (Director Labs) and Assistant Professor Khurram Hameed, arranged a training session on conducting Labs under OBE system on Friday 6th December 2019. It was a proud moment that the training was conducted by the Alumni of UoL, Mr. Atif Muzaffar who completed his graduation degree in 2013 from UoL. With the passage of time Mr. Atif has groomed himself into a keen researcher who has interests in sharing his experience with faculty members of his alma mater. Mr. Atif Muzaffar did his Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI), Topi, Pakistan.
He got full scholarship during his Masters studies at GIK Institute and worked as Graduate Assistant (G.A) for 2 years and performed his departmental duties as lab engineer and Teaching assistant along with his Master studies. Before G.A ship he worked at GIK Institute as full time employee for 1 year in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Atif believes that best way of returning to Alma Mater is contribution towards its growth by sharing experience. The training was well organized and covered all the aspects of OBE implementation in Labs. Detailed interactive discussion was held on the core objectives of the OBE system, the role of Laboratories in OBE system, the standard of Lab equipment, teaching mechanism and outcomes required according to the modern system. The planning of course outcomes and evaluation came under review in detail.

The Lab Engineers of Mechanical Engineering Department showed keen interest throughout the training session. It was an opportunity to clear misconceptions and identify key principles of performance under OBE system. The documentation required and the assessment domains such as cognitive, psychomotor and affective were discussed in detail. Training session was followed by a healthy question answer session. The speaker shed light on all the queries of young Lab Engineers and Technologists. Senior Faculty Members Mr. Khurram Hameed and Mr. Imran A Mughal, expressed hope that the session would help in improving conduct of laboratory sessions as per OBE system in coming semesters.

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