Clubs and Societies exhibit talent, innovations during Freshers’ Week  

Top three conferred cash prize

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Keeping the spirit of devotedness, creativity, acceptance, acknowledgement and cherishment alive, The University of Lahore holds its Freshers’ Week with enthusiasm of welcoming the new community of students, in the open yards outside the Main Cafeteria from October 6 to 8, 2020.

Clubs & Societies took oath of adding more to the acquired and inborn skills of the newly enrolled. Thus the entire week engaged students in a day dream of their bright enthralled fantasized journey across their stay in the university, and to become members of the numerous societies and clubs they essentially felt inclined to join as per their interests and potentials. No one could take off their eyes from the grand festive culture presented on the stalls spread all over.

The respective orators and spokesperson of societies on each desk were not only copiously attracting the new comers with their zeal and fervor but were also literally enthralling and beguiling them.

The fabulous event that attracted over 48 clubs and societies and 5,000-6,000, was inaugurated by Mr. Awais Raoof (Chairman BoG) and Mrs. Ammara Awais (Director, Office of Student Affairs) whose special guidance and supervision turned this event into a real success.

The participation of all the societies’ heads, general secretaries and members made the occasion memorable. All the stalls were impressively decorated with the themes and colors relevant to the individual society or club. 

The Music Society had its stall decorated with drums and guitars and a group of students was playing live music that fascinated many students. The Gaming Society too, displayed off different games at their stalls to lure as many students as it could.

The Society of Life Sciences set its stall beautifully according to their respective subjects like molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, bio technology and zoology and chemistry, micro biology, by displaying Fluid Preserved Specimens which attracted many students interested in natural sciences.

While sharing her views regarding this mega event, the Director OSA said, “This time we are holding this event amidst COVID-19 precautionary measures because the pandemic is still on. We should take it as a way of life now. Our students endeavored to cope up with the new standards. I am happy that the goals of the event were realized and the societies are continuing to mobilize their members as usual”.   

She added that this seasonal event was a kind of orientation about the possibilities and opportunities which the students can engage themselves in besides their academic pursuits. 

Wajid Asghar (In-charge Clubs & Societies, OSA) expressed satisfaction about the arrangements of the event while talking to The Spectacle. “Freshers’ Week brings new sensation among the new and old students. Starting their new academic year with such a refreshing energy helps them to focus on their academic goals in full swing. Despite the prevailing pandemic, we managed to achieve the goals of this activity”, he said.   

Out of the several clubs and societies that took part in this event, Character Building Society, Society of Life Science and Dramatic Club emerged the best and won a cash prize of 10,000/-, 7,000/-, and 5,000/- respectively. The Islamic Society and Pakistan Children Heart Foundation (PCHF) emerged as 4th and 5th correspondingly.  

Participating Clubs and Societies 

  1. Dead Art Society 
  2. Young Peace & Development Corps (YPDC) UOL Chapter 
  3. Society of Health and Nutritional Awareness 
  4. Kashmir Society 
  5. Entrepreneur’s Society 
  6. Young Leaders Program 
  7. Model OIC Diplomatic Simulation 
  8. Baluchistan Society 
  9. Safe Society 
  10. Payyam Society 
  11. Islamic Society
  12. Character Building Society
  13. Robotech Society 
  14. Physics Forum 
  15. Character Building Society 
  16. CARE Foundation 
  17. UOL Blood Donation Society 
  18. Imperial Pharmaceutical Society
  19. American Society of Mechanical Engineers 
  20. IEEE UOL Chapter 
  21. Debating Society 
  22. Sports Society 
  23. VCAN Society
  24. Computer Science Society 
  25. Techno-Club
  26. Photography Society
  27. Dramatics Club 
  28. Civil Engineering 
  29. Law Society 
  30. Gaming Society 
  31. NISA Society
  32. Mechanical Engineering Society 
  33. Society of Life Sciences
  34. Albiruni Society of Mathematics
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