Civil Engineering Strengthens Links with PCR in Water Resources

Dr. Muhammad Aslam (a professor at the Civil Engineering Department) participated in the inauguration ceremony of Water Analysis Laboratory for Metals of Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources of Ministry of Science and Technology, Pakistan (PCRWR) on December 9, 2019. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf (Chairman PCRWR) and Mr. Wilbroad Ngambi (Chief Field Officer UNICEF) jointly inaugurated the Water Analysis Laboratory as chief guests.
PCRWR established the Water Analysis Laboratory for Metals with the financial support from UNICEF. This laboratory has been set up as a part of PCRWR’s Regional Water Quality Laboratory in the PCRWR Regional Office Lahore. PCRWR, is a national research organization which is intensively and extensively engaged in conducting, organizing, co-coordinating and promoting research in all fields of water resources (surface water, groundwater, rainwater harvesting, water quality, water quality improvement technologies, water conservation, irrigation, drainage, watershed management, etc).
The Civil Engineering Department (CED) at UOL is collaborating with PCRWR in conducting and promoting research on quantitative and qualitative aspects of water resources with an objective of creating and strengthening the academia-industry linkage. Under the collaborative research between both institutions, a team of four students of final year of CE Program supervised by Dr. Aslam, completed a one-year research project titled, “Potential Evaluation of Inverted Wells Using Rainwater for Groundwater Recharge in Lahore City”. The PCRWR’s research team led by Regional Director, Engr. Zamir Ahmed Soomro extended full support and cooperation thereby enabling the students to complete their research work in a productive and professional manner.
Currently, another batch of four students of final year from Civil Engineering Program being supervised by Dr. Aslam and Engr. Soomro is conducting research on groundwater in a project titled “Monitoring and Mapping of Lahore City Project”.


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