Child Rights Department publishes five research papers in 2020

Andleeb Zehra

The Child Rights Department (CRD) at the University of Lahore in collaboration with the PAHCHAAN and Child Rights Committee-Pakistan Pediatric Association has contributed in academic research arena through its five publications in the year 2020. These timely publications, contribute not only to the academic world, but also pave way for the appropriate service delivery in the prevention of violence against children.

The first research article was published out of a needs assessment survey, designed for the UOL faculty to assess their current knowledge and attitude about child rights which can be considered in planning and implementation of future training programs in this field. The survey based paper titled as “Knowledge and Attitudes of Faculty of the University of Lahore, Pakistan on Child Rights” got published in the Pakistan Pediatric Journal.

CRD, PAHCHAAN and VCAN Students’ Society collaborated for a second survey based article titled as “Understanding youth participation to volunteer for child rights” aiming at understanding the youth’s volunteerism for child rights was published in Elsevier Journal-Child Abuse and Neglect. The study identifies factors contributing to young people’s motivation to join VCAN Students’ Society, working for children’s rights and influencing their participation in activities along with attitudinal shift.

Another interview based article titled as “Professional team response to violence against children: From experts to teamwork”, was published in Elsevier Journal-Child Abuse and Neglect with 2.57 Impact Factor. The department interviewed 11 experts from different countries on child protection mechanisms in high, upper-middle and lower-middle-income countries.

The fourth article published in Asia Pacific Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health analyzed 10 year data of child abuse and neglect cases managed at the First Hospital Based Child Protection Unit in Pakistan. The study presents data from CPU expressing case distribution for gender, age, abuse type, and perpetrator.

Dr. Naeem Zafar (Head of CRD and President PAHCHAAN) and Dr. Tufail Muhammad (Chairman, Child Rights Committee-Pakistan Pediatric Association) in a policy paper on “Policy Brief on Child Protection during Covid-19 Crisis in Pakistan” published in Pakistan Pediatric Journal & COVID-19 Special Supplement provided a deep analysis of the challenges that children are facing and likely to face as an aftermath of COVID-19 crisis.

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