Chemistry’s Dr. Noreen Sajjad participates in Tokyo Summit 



Aimon Saleem

COVID-19 took the entire world by surprise and forced many to work from home. Researchers, academicians, business enterprises etc. switched to online applications Zoom and Google meetings that have proved to be a success. Kudos to the efforts of professionals of information and communication technologies around the globe. 

Within this contest, the Department of Chemistry adapted to the new trends in terms of teaching, publishing articles and presenting in the online summits. Dr. Noreen Sajjad (Assistant Professor) from Analytical Chemistry Cluster participated in the Tokyo 2nd International Conference on Innovative Studies of Contemporary Sciences in which she presented a paper on “Comparison of Catalytic Efficiency of Gold and Palladium Bimetallic catalysts by using Autoclave and Glass reactors”.  The summit was held on August 17-19, 2020.  

The summit attracted over 200 participants with background in applied and contemporary sciences from various universities across the globe.  Dr. Sajjad’s oral and technical presentation was based on “Heterogeneous catalysis which plays a key role in the synthesis of fine chemicals and is the major constituent of green chemistry”. 

The presentation motivated the audience feedback during the thorough question and answer session. Her presentation was appreciated and recognized with a certificate which read in part: “This certificate is proudly presented to Noreen Sajjad in oral and technical presentation, recognition and appreciation of research contributions”. 

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